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Rookie Rally 2021

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GhostDriver 2/12/21

Nicely done and great racing! I like the fact there's a good amount of racers and that there may be a few "dark horses" amongst them.

Looking forward to the next group races.

  • Me too, I'm excited to see if my new routine will pay off or still slow as usual — Mayfield41

  • Not to nitpick or anything, but I'm from IN not ID. Not that there's anything wrong with ID. — Big_Al
  • Ah man!! I’ll get it all fixed tomorrow morning. We’re all thawed out down here and ready to roll! Lol!! — CaShMoneyBoyS
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DXPRacing 2/13/21

Good job so far.  Hey, if you do not advance don't lose hope.  Learn and build!!  Surprising how much better you become by doing the small things!  Good luck guys!

  • YES! If you give up you will never move this or anything really! If it was easy everyone would be doing it and doing it well and noone would care. Keep at it guys! — Mattman213
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redlinederby 2/15/21
Site manager

And the beat goes on...

Official scoring has been updated

  • I still suck. But looks like I am getting faster. Something to build on. — Mayfield41
  • You had a good casting, solid base...just really tough opponents — redlinederby
  • Well like I had said my Volkswagen Jetta did not do well — Itsdiegobytheway
  • Some solid close races there. Even if the gap looks big, it is still a split second of difference! — pupulesurfer
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redlinederby 2/17/21
Site manager

Home stretch to the championships...

  • Looks like I needed that alignment jig lol. So close... — pupulesurfer
  • Guess I have some tuning to do. I still had lots of fun. Can't till the next tournament. — Big_Mac
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redlinederby 2/18/21
Site manager

Last but not group before the championship. I hope to get the bracket posted tomorrow and hopefully have this wrapped up early next week. 

Final group points

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redlinederby 2/19/21
Site manager

Here's the bracket for the Rookie Rally II Championship. One of these guys will be crowned the 2021 Rated Rookie. This is a straight forward single-elimination bracket with 2-in-a-row rules.

This weekend is pretty busy so not sure how much editing I'll get done but look for a premiere watch party of the finals early next week. 

Online version is over at Challonge and will be updated after the premiere watch party.

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redlinederby 2/24/21
Site manager

Thanks for the guys that joined me for the premiere of the Rookie Rally finals. Congrats to Healer Racing on the big win and being named the 2021 Rated Rookie.

Healer Racing wins a RLD Axle Alignment Jig and a few other goodies for his winning efforts.

I also promised we'd crown some regional top rookies, so based on their performance throughout the event, here are those winners:

  • Pacific Top Rookie: Golden Owl
  • Plains Top Rookie: G4 Diecast Racing
  • Midwest Top Rookie: Healer Racing
  • South Top Rookie: Mopar Mac
  • Northeast Top Rookie: GhostDriver

Thanks again to everyone that entered this event and made some great cars that led to some incredible races. 

I'll be packing up cars soon and getting them shipped out. If you need your car back sooner than later, please PM me. If you didn't include return shipping or have yet to pay, I'll be in touch to verify what you to do with your car.

Next mail-in event is the City Connection in April. It's open to all comers so give it a shot!

  • Great fun, thanks! Congrats! — pupulesurfer
  • Thank you for hosting this. A huge congratulations to everyone that participated. There were some amazing looking cars and some super stiff competition. Congratulations Healer!! A well deserved victory! — GoldenOwl
  • Wow I am absolutely honored!! This was an incredible field of racers. Congrats to everyone that participated, and thanks to RLD for hosting. A huge congratulations to all of the finalists but especially MoparMac, GoldenOwl, and Big_Al. Those races were nail-bitters! And of course thank you to Penny for the extra good luck! — Healer_Racing
  • Good Times! Thanks for making this available. Congrats to all. There were a lot of close races throughout. This being my first attempt, I was surprised and lucky the Chevy made it to the final.. I was mostly hoping it would not fall apart on the track! Hope to catch up with y'all at more races in the near future.. — Too_kay

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