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Rust Belt Kids Race

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Mattman213 5/11/20

Love all the pics and seeing everyone having fun with this.  Luke and I went through his ENTIRE pile of cars and I let him pick 1, no worries about how fast or slow it is just pick up and lets go paint it.  He searched high and low and eventually settled on this little Cobra.  Got out the paint and markers and let him go to town.  He let me put lights and chrome around the window and then I cleared it to preserve his masterpiece.  He kinda got bummed when I packed it up today to mail out but were both super excited to see it race so its all good.

Its not his quickest car by a long shot...shoot its not even his quickest Cobra (a danged plastic based, 7 spoke beater missing the windshield is?!?!?!) but he loves it and now its even more special so thats cool.  Its CRYING for some wheel work but thats not allowed so we sent it as is.  Maybe when it comes home itll get a "Tune Up" and be put back in his pile!

Good luck everyone, we cannot wait to see how it goes!


  • Man that thing turned out awesome!!! Can't wait for the unboxing video! — RustBeltRacing
  • We had so much fun. Actually we had enough fun that I noticed another car downstairs with paint all over it. His Momma musta let him at another one while I was workin LOL — Mattman213

Unboxing Team Uncle Elvis!

Some more Kids Race contenders!

Some very fast cars arrived for the Kids Race!

And even more Kids Race cars!

Unboxing and testing cars from Secondhand_Speed!

We have 19 cars in so far for the kids race. Deadline is this Friday!

  • Hopefully my kid's car will get there in time - sent them out on Friday, I think. — redlinederby
  • Just pulled them out of the mailbox 5 minutes ago! — RustBeltRacing

The entry is in for Rivera Racing and it's beautiful!

Diecast 64's 3 pack for the Kids Race

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Mattman213 5/24/20

Hey Josh did this ever go down?  I missed out and can't keep up on the Facebook live videos lol


  • The cars were due Friday. It’s a 3 race series and the first video drops Wednesday. — RustBeltRacing
  • Shoooooo good, was afraid we missed it! — Mattman213
  • I noticed everyone on here uses the deadline date as the race date probably so people get a heads up when it’s close. Joining the Facebook group will give you the inside scoop on timelines for the mail in events this summer. — RustBeltRacing
  • I'm a member but Facebook groups aren't as good to me as forums and I find myself getting lost alot easier. Its all me, I'm a member of a ton of forums and the structure they provide is what I know better. I'll get the hang of it one day....maybe — Mattman213
  • I totally get that man. I find myself tagging people in posts because the Facebook algorithm doesn't show them what they need to see. — RustBeltRacing

The last entry comes from Redline Derby himself!

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