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Scrapper's Showdown - Results Posted

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Up next, we have two lean, mean, fighting machines. One car is a hornet that is out to sting you with his Kaiju acid, and the other is just furious. Not sure if it is fast, but is it furious.

On the left, Scooter Roundwell from Spirit of '64 in Colorado, USA has checked-in and passed inspection. Scooter will be driving a green and purple 1988 Honda CRX, and that purple is NOT paint. It's actually the Kaiju acid eating away at parts of the CRX like branding of a cow. Scooter took a Kaiju's claw dipped in acid and etched into his car, and thus calling it the "Junior Hornet." So don't rub against this car. Otherwise, your tires might melt off!

On the right, Mr. Darq from Dubious Diecast in Oklahoma, USA has checked-in and passed inspection. Mr. Darq will be driving a teal 1973 Ford Falcon, which he actually imported in from New Zealand. Unfortunately, the car did not look like this when he turned it over to the freight company several months ago. It actually sat in a container waiting for a ship, which we all know is a nightmare right now. Well, it finally got on a vessel, but when the container arrived and was opened, it came out looking like this. Apparently, as the container was being loaded onto the vessel in New Zealand, one of the supports broke and the container landed in the water in the harbor. Fortunately, the harbor masters were able to fish the container out of the water, but didn't realize that about 6-feet of water filled the container. So Mr. Darq saw the call for drivers in an announcement, and turned lemons into lemonade.


Up next, in the Scrapper's Showdown are two dirty birdies, and they are filthy. Literally filthy. So don't walk by these rides and accidentally rub up against them. Otherwise, you'll end up looking like Pig Pen from Peanuts.

On the left, Myke Maze from RTR Diecast Racing League in Alabama, USA has checked-in and passed inspection. Myke is driving the silver with red racing stripe 2012 AMC Javelin AMX, which is actually his wife's car. She has been bugging him to make room in the garage for her Javelin before winter comes. So Myke figured if he races her Javelin in the Showdown and it gets wrecked, he doesn't have to worry about making space in the garage.

On the right, Fractal Panda from Fractal Panda Diecast Racing in the UK has checked-in and passed inspection. Fractal is driving a white and black Toyota 2000 GT, which actually was a show car for the Tokyo 2021 Olympic games. However, a flash mob of anti-Miraitowa protestors that are more focused about holding on to the traditions of the past, took the show car for a joy ride. The car sustained so much cosmetic damage that you can actually see the raw metal exposed in several areas. Fractal was amazed by the rugged nature of the Toyota that he immediately offered a nice compensatory price to the Olympic Committee, which they gladly accepted.

Today we have American muscle squaring off against German engineering. These two builds may originate from either sides of the pond, but they are in it to win it!

On the left, Mopar Mac from Mac Racing in South Carolina, USA has checked-in and passed inspection. Mac is driving a blue and red 1970 Dodge Charger and there ain't no rust on this beast. Those are all road rage battle scars. Mac doesn't care how many cars he takes out, as long as he wins.

On the right, Fern from Fumo Diecast Racing in California, USA has checked-in and passed inspection for Scrapper's Showdown. Fern is driving a very rusty Mercedes C-Class, which honestly looks like he drove it through the ocean to get here. Will a squared off wheel stance with identically sized wheels be able to beat the longer wheel base of the charger? We'll just have to wait and see.

Alrighty, it's time for more showdown shenanigans and introductions of two teams trying to run the Rim again... well at least make it to the finish line without crashing.

On the left, the Gray Wizard from Golden Owl Racing in California, USA has checked-in and passed inspection for Scrapper's Showdown. The Gray Wizard is driving a brown 1971 Plymouth GTX that is actually for sale by owner in "as is" condition. Now there might be a little rust and is in need of some body work, but this thing runs like it was meant to race. Cash only. No refunds. Just call Jenny at (201) 867-5309.

On the right, SpyDude from Aces High Racing in Arizona, USA has checked-in and passed inspection. SpyDude is driving a 1971 Pontiac Firebaird, which metallic blue and green. Not sure if SpyDude did the paint job after the restoration, or if it was painted like this before he started working on it. In either case, we're more concerned about the missing engine under the hood. With that left fender completely missing, our inspection team really didn't know what to think. But apparently SpyDude put all the weight and the engine in the trunk. Not sure if that's the best application here, but the jury is still out on that one.

  • Actually, that's purple, blue, green, gray, orange, red, brown, and I think there was some hot pink in there, too. — SpyDude
  • lol — Kaiju_Colorado

We are back at the Rim after a week break, and Scrapper has been working his power packs in overdrive mode getting ready for the kickoff of Scrapper's Showdown this weekend!

On the left, Daddy G from G4 Diecast Racing in Colorado, USA has checked-in and passed inspection! Daddy G will be driving a gray and severely rusted 1976 Chevy Corvette. This coupe style, peanut shaped bullet is exactly the long body needed to keep it straight while flying down the Rim. Oh, one moment... we've actually been corrected regarding the car being covered in rust. It actually got it's coloring from smashing through several of our Porta-Potties as it ran off the track during testing. Well, that really stinks.

On the right, Lone Star from Live Young Die-Cast in Texas, USA has checked in and passed inspection for Scrapper's Showdown. We haven't quite figured out if Lone Star is actually the driver's name or not, but rumor has it that he legally changed his name to the famous Texas beer company as a result of their sponsorship deal. Well, Lone Star will be driving a primer gray 1988 Monte Carlo SS with blue, brown, and red panels. And we're not entirely sure about the significance of the #512, but we do know that a fan wasn't too pleased about the number and threw a brick right through its windshield.

Today's driver introductions put science and logic up against southern charm and common sense. This is the kind of stuff Scrapper loves to see!

On the left, Boxer from MakersBox Motors in Oregon, USA has checked-in and passed inspection. Boxer is all about the science rather than the looks as he drives this pink and white 1957 Chevy. Ironically, the periodic element of lead is crossed out on the hood, but this car is one heavy beast. If you are interested in the evil scientist mind that created this monster, check out his notes here: 

On the right, Cole Trickle from Last Chance Customs in Virginia, USA has also checked-in and passed inspection for Scrapper's Showdown. Cole will be driving the steel blue pearl custom 2018 Ford Mustang GT. Apparently, this car rolled in a street race while taking a turn too hot and shattered the all the glass, but Cole's roll cage design kept the roof from collapsing. So why mess with a good thing, right? So this pony has one last chance to get the W at the Rim, and mustangs have been known to run fast out here.

So for those that watched the Race of the Rising Sun JDM mail-in tournament, you've probably been pondering on building an Evo killer. Honestly, we were actually surprised to receive an Evo for the showdown since Kickapoo Pass has really had it out for Evo's.

On the left, Thunder!! from Oklahoma, USA has checked-in and passed inspection for Scrapper's Showdown. Now is ThunderII the driver's name, or the team name? And yes, the explanation points are as written on the entry form. Thunder!! will be driving a gold and black 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, which we're curious where all that gold came from. So it's either from a flash sale on gold Krylon from Walmarts, or someone extracted a lot of gold teeth from a bunch of homeless people. Either case, I sure hope that Thunder!! can make it past Kickapoo Pass, because the other drivers in his group do not want to be behind an Evo going through that turn.

On the right, M.C.MhanBhAR(z) from Underdogs_Unleashed has checked-in and passed inspection. Could this be the Evo killer we don't need, but rightfully deserve? M.C.MhanBhAR(z) is driving a whole heck of a lot on 4 wheels, so we'll try and break it down for you. So the front end is from a Chevy Corvette, and the rear end is from some kind of pick-up truck. And mashed between those two is the body of a Datsun Bluebird 510. Fortunately, M.C.MhanBhAR(z) was able to salvage the roll cage from the Corvette, because there ain't a whole lot to protect the driver in case of a rollover. But it hits all the basics: matching wheel size, level chassis, axles are the same width, higher ground clearance, etc. We just hope all that bondo and JB weld doesn't melt off.

It's time for another driver introduction for Scrapper's Showdown! And we can definitely attest that these junkers fit the theme.

On the left, Diego Roman from Diego's Diecast in Wisconsin, USA has checked-in and passed inspection. Diego will be driving a gray 3/4 scale version of a Honda Civic Si, because it is literally missing 1/4 of the car. But apparently it had to be done in order to install that motor from a Dodge Viper SRT. We're taking bets to see if that engine and front axle will actually break off and run down the track on its own.

On the right, HawThenSung from PWC Racing in Colorado, USA has checked-in and passed inspection as well. HawThenSung will be driving that rusty gray 1957 Thunderbird, known as Spark Chicken. So the story we heard about this car is that during a trip to the local hardware shop to get a few gallons of paint thinner, somehow the car caught fire when the driver was trying to use the cigarette lighter while eating a chicken leg from Kentucky Fried Chicken. The lighter dropped into the bucket of chicken and while reaching down to retrieve it, the car ended up swerving and rolling in a ditch where the paint thinner punctured and ignited when coming in contact with the loose cigarette lighter. Such a waste of a good bucket of chicken.

Even though we have a couple more drivers left to check-in, we will have 3 open cars available for viewers and fans to get a chance to jump into one and participate in Scrapper's Showdown! Details will be included in this weekend's kickoff video.

On the left, CupKake from Rustbelt Diecast Racing in New York, USA has checked-in and passed inspection. CupKake will be driving a red and white Datsun 200 SX. CupKake found this white Datsun sitting abandoned in a Toys 'R Us parking lot. After a week of no one claiming it, he threw it onto a trailer, added a little red spray paint, and swapped motors. But apparently, the original owner has come a calling and is roaming around the Rim looking for CupKake and his car. But we have no idea where they are and that's the story we're sticking to!

On the right, Dalevis Jenkins, Jr. from Commotion Diecast in Virginia, USA has checked-in and passed inspection. Dalevis is no stranger to the Rim and is driving a yellow and blue Nissan Skyline H/T 2000GT-R. So when Dalevis drove up, we definitely started noticing that the blue color on his Skyline was not paint, but powder. The story is that Dalevis was in a bit of a rush driving here, and caught the attention of the police. Well, since Dalevis was running late for check-in, he decided to take a detour and lose the fuzz. That detour actually took him through a denim jean factory where somehow he crashed through an indigo dye vats. We think Dalevis plans to "stone wash" other cars, but we cannot confirm that at this time.

Round 1 of Scrapper's Showdown is now on YouTubes!

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Round 3 of Scrapper's Showdown premiere's this Sunday at 9pm Eastern!

Round 3 - Scrapper's Showdown

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