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Shagging wagons

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I'm in if you still have room!

  • Sure no prob at all. Glad to have you good luck — Douglas
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Big_Mac 8/14/22

I would like a spot if not too late

  • Sure no prob at all. Glad to have you good luck — Douglas
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Marco_Polo 8/20/22

Hi !!

Will like to join if not too late!!!

  • Your in. Good luck — Douglas
  • Just sent my wagon today should arrive by Friday — Marco_Polo

I would like a spot if there are any available. 

Jonny's Speed Shop

Driver: Jon Vista

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CraigsterSr 8/22/22

Craigster Sr. - 'Hot Nuts Diecast Racing' would like to run with you!!!

PLEASE, Save me a spot!

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FeralPatrick 8/31/22

Count me IN!

  • Good luck your in — Douglas
  • If I had paid attention to the prize list I'd have tried harder on my paint job. :) — FeralPatrick
  • Whoops!! Lol no biggie — Douglas

Soon to be in the mail

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ToplineTim 9/4/22

I cant wait to see this race, and see how my junky camaro wagon does

  • It's gonna be awesome — Douglas
  • Is that the old Fast 111's casting or did you make one from scratch? — Spirit_Of_64
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Numbskull 9/8/22

Numbskull Racing is on the way.

  • Sick — Douglas
  • Is that the JackHammer wagon from Acceleracers? — SpyDude
  • No, just a venomized that I painted red. — Numbskull
  • Yeah that is Jackhammer, it's the release from the 2022 Maximum Venom series. — Redd_Rockett
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Madmatt 9/19/22

Madmatt from shark 56 race league would love to be a driver

  • Sorry this race is full but about to announce two more races for the season — Douglas
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Redd_Rockett 9/27/22

I thought the race was today? (it's the 27th). What's going on?

  • Had some set backs but I'm gonna post schedule. Had overwhelming response for cars. Ended up with 41. — Douglas

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