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What have you found lately?

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My entries for Dec death race. Left to right.  "Science Friction" "Erekenstine Rod"  custom build from junkyard parts

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Big_Al 5/8/21

Not a bad little trip to Menards.  I've never seen Hot Wheels there before but while perusing the summer toy section I found 1/10 through 10/10 just sitting there waiting for me.  Plus you know I'm getting that 11% rebate, baby!

  • Now you can get them for $10 plus tax from Dollar Tree — Uncle_Elvis

Stopped by Main Drag Vintage in North Saint Paul, MN.  Got a nice assortment.  Happiest about that Stutz.  And Gonzo.

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Uncle_Elvis 7/7/21

Dollar General this morning. That Avenger has been there for at least 4 years

  • Nice! I found same Miata at DG day before yesterday. Had my Grandson with me, One of the clerks I know there said " Aww, you do have grandkids!" We both lol'd. — Redline_Salvage_Inc

New to the hobby.  Picked up some kitch from Hobby Lobby today and made a homemade display so I can keep the cars in the blisters.

  • Ran out and found that sign at Hobby Lobby too. They had a few other HW signs as well. Thanks for the tip! — redlinederby

Newest car in my collection a nice little viper SRT10

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Spirit_Of_64 7/28/21

My haul from today.  Just need to find the Camaro to finish the sugar skull set, and I'm really happy to find the open headlight variant of the MR2 and the Bronco Sport cos those are both going to friends of mine.  Also the loose cars at the bottom are the MBX Toyota Hilux, Color Shifter Scion XB and MBX '19 Subaru Forester.

  • Didn't know there was a sugar skull series...nice. Might have to keep an eye out for those at the markets. — redlinederby

Yesterdays hot wheels haul , a few random a cars from the factory 500 hp set   There's a Bentley a Shelby Super Snake a Camaro and a SRT Viper.

MASSIVE  HALL !!!And finally...

2021 Halloween selection has a fun assortment of colors for the skull wheels:

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TheMakersBox 9/25/21

Stumbled onto my first Kroger exclusive (the black one).  There is not even a entry or picture for it on Fandom yet, although Lamley showed it in an unboxing video.  I also got the red Lancia.

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Dj2112yyz 10/4/21

I was pretty happy to find this hanging at  Target.

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