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Small Trucks Tournament (Completed)

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prepping the Repu this week and sending it out!

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GoldenOwl 11/23/20

Just put the final touches on my entry.

  • Holy shit...look at that tiny little box!! LOL — redlinederby
  • Lol I’m pretty stoked with how this came out. I’m going to have to make another one for myself. @redlinederby — GoldenOwl
  • Wait .... technically, that’s a modified truck. — SpyDude
  • Ok so it was a paint challenge basically. I decided to do an anti-paint version. It started out as a stock 31.1 casting with horrible wheels. After 3 layers of paint, 2 layers of matte coat, some weathering powder, and some glue, 2 extra wheels and some debris, I was able to keep it at 32.8 I was hoping y’all would take pity considering I left the shitty wheels it came with lol — GoldenOwl
  • I'm just ragging you a little .... I don't know if the event promoter will let it slide or not, but I like the extra detailing. — SpyDude
  • Oh I figured as much SpyDude. No offense taken at all. If he’s not cool with it oh well I’ll still send it to him anyways it’s not like we get them back at the end of the race :) — GoldenOwl
  • This is amazing! You've got some serious skills. Those details are incredible at this scale. — Big_Al
  • We talked about it a bit on facebook. If you end up building another one I'd rather have that one so there are no complaints, but personally the weight isn't enough for it to have much of an advantage. If it wins I'll likely get complaints lol. And ya most of the trucks will be prizes for top racers. — WeRaceDiecast
  • I will say. I'm building my custom track Clutch Mountain. I might have to figure out a way to entice you to build some vehicles for the local scenery lol. I'm actually going to build some shops and stuff and You might get dibs on a shop with those skills. — WeRaceDiecast
  • Hell yeah! I think you’ll be pretty stoked with the new one! I’d love to help out with some cars for the new track! Shoot me a message so we can work out all of the details — GoldenOwl
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pupulesurfer 11/24/20

I found a truck, can I still enter?

  • Yup! just need to by Dec 9th. And races start on Dec 16th. If you can't make the 9th we might be able to work out a little something something :) — WeRaceDiecast
  • Thanks! It is ready to hit the mail Friday, just some touch up on the paint. Not the best, not the worst - tape didn't hold which was unfortunate. — pupulesurfer
  • Sounds good! and looking foward to getting it in — WeRaceDiecast
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Big_Al 11/30/20

I tried out a little hydro dipping for my trip of Datsuns.  It's definately a technique that takes some practice.  These are my second attempt.  I tried using too many colors the first round and they just came out all messy so I stripped em off and started over.  These look pretty good but they aren't with out their flaws.  I will probably try this technique again in the future.  I used Testors enamel which I floated on top of 78 degreeish water with borax mixed in at 1.5 T per Gal.

  • WOW! So cool!!! Thanks for sharing your work! — G4DiecastRacing
  • Wow, that is way more scientific and precise than my version. I just spray rattle can spray paint into a bucket of water and dip the car. Will try out your recipe soon. — Uncle_Elvis
  • Oooo...neato. Turned out great. Science! — redlinederby
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pupulesurfer 12/29/20

Didn't see my truck in the video but shows as delivered. Video was cool though!

Syclone, Red with lime green top and splatter.

  • Messaged you on Facebook about it — pupulesurfer
  • Yes we chatted and resolved the issue; sort of. Unfortunately your truck came in past the deadline and won't be ran. It sucks because it was mailed out early and with 2 day priority. But just wanted to comment here for the record. We did talk about it and I will be sending the car back. Sorry again it didn't work out. My lesson learned here is that I won't be doing a large mail in event Starting in December in the future. — WeRaceDiecast

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