Super car photo...

Jobe Wednesday, 7/21/2010

...was messing around last night and got this shot...the new super car and the old super car...

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox


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redlinederby 7/21/10
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I got that Veyron too and I gotta say, not a fan of the matte finish on that car. Just doesn't work. For some reason, matte/eggshell finishes on HWs just don't seem right.

Great photo. I wish I had photographic skill.

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JDC442 7/21/10

I also love taking photos of Hot Wheels. They're such a thing of beauty. When I first built some of my displays, I took hundreds of photos of my cars on the displays, and some of my favorite where closeup shots like the one you took above. If I could have a dream job it might be a Hot Wheels photographer

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