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Tail of the Dragon - Winters War

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The Field is now full...Race is two(2) weeks from Saturday...and the Dragon Awaits!!!!

Still need to send my carz

  • you got 2+ weeks — LeagueofSpeed
  • I know. I'm sending them this weekend. Just to clarify, I dont need to send an entery form? But I do for the bugs on the run. Correct. — SavageSpeeder
  • Correct — LeagueofSpeed
  • Going to send cars for hotwheelsracing today. — NDeavers80
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NDeavers80 1/18/19

Cars went out for hotwheelsracing today 

  • Roger That...I'll be on the Look-Out — LeagueofSpeed
  • Cool. Thanx. I will sendmy portion monday — SavageSpeeder
  • You're welcome glad to do it. Hope they run well for you. — NDeavers80
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MDG_Racing 1/20/19

Really looking forward to this race! Cars in route LoS.

...there were rumblings across the moors this morn.

...the Dragon stirs from it's slumber.

...the Armies are assembling.

...dire battle is eminent.

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Dadvball 1/22/19

Got mine mailed today. Expected delivery is Thursday. 

Red Pill Racing is on the way to North Carolina.


It looks like everyone should be in House by Friday may stage the cars/teams and do the Team Show Friday Night...plan is to set-up Tail of the Dragon Saturday morning and start racing Saturday afternoon and into Saturday night...1/4 Mile Club and Trinity Racing are coming over for Burgers and Beers and want to see the Dragon set-up and watch some racing.

Stay Tuned Race Fans.....

  • Also...I'll be able to test some builds for Race Mountain and the Underground Racing League!!!! — LeagueofSpeed
  • Thanks for hosting, looking forward to team photos and prerace activities — Traction-Event
  • Looks to be a great weekend of racing — MDG_Racing



Race day!, best of luck to all... 

  • Woohoo! Line em up and drop the flag! — MDG_Racing

We got started...but our oldest got excepted to the college of her choice...NC State and is a finalist for the Goodnight we've been celebrating...had family and friends in and Crazy Town once again around here and the Lady of Speed had been under the bear with's getting done.

  • But ny cars are there & my other cars are coming right? — SavageSpeeder

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