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The 2022 Cadillac Collective ***ROSTER FULL***

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GhostDriver 12/26/21

You can put me down for a standby. Just in case a miracle happens...Lol

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TexTenn_Racing 12/27/21

Dude! When did you post this? Can't believe I missed it...

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BlueLineRacing 12/27/21

I respect how you opened this tournament to everyone, kept the rules simple and didn't grandfather 10 people in automatically before this race was even posted like some others do. Thanks for giving some outsiders a chance to race.

  • You mean we don't have to leave the interior in it, put a driver in it, or paint numbers on it. Can I still get fairy dust and glitter as I (scratch that) if I cross the finish line. Its like an ice cream without sprinkles. A real Debbie downer. — CrazyEights
  • All are welcome man!!! Let’s boogie!!! — Commotion_Diecast
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Numbskull 12/27/21

Can we modify the matching chassis?  Sand, polish, add larger wheels etc.



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Crazy_Canuck 12/27/21

Whelp, guess I'm watching from the sidelines for this one... 

I'll take a standby spot... but I know it's gonna be super deep in the lineup...

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WallyChamp73 12/29/21

If anyone unexpectedly drops out of this, I will gladly take there place!   

N.J. Drive Racing

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Numbskull 1/5/22

And the adventure begins.

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Numbskull 2/1/22

Days grow nearer, decisions grow harder.

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Numbskull 2/2/22

Numbskull Racing is on the way.  79.8 grams.  "Tubby Two Tons."

Final stage of testing. The fastest will make the trip out to Grindelwald this weekend.

  • Those look good. The red / black one looks cruel. I'd send that one. — Numbskull
  • Gonna be fast bro, great looking builds! — Commotion_Diecast

"Elvira" headed out to Grindelwald today.

Hello all!

Deadline for this tournament has come and passed! Unfortunately, the following builders failed to get their car to us:

Rivera Racing


Messy Marv



Red Pill Racing

Bay City Diecast

If anyone on the list has a car in the mail, please let us know as qualifying round is set to film Monday!

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