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The Big Rig Showdown

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Uncle_Elvis 6/15/24

Realistic truck have to have realistic wheels?

  • I'll leave the wheels open for both classes. — Flip81
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Fat_Dad 6/15/24

I'd like to enter. 

  • See ya at the track — Flip81

I would like to join the convoy please.

  • See ya at the track — Flip81

Breaker 1-9 for the Rubber Duck. You got a copy on me Pig Pen, come on. Ahh, Negatory, Pig Pen; our next run ain't gonna need a trailer or your Jimmy for this one. You're gonna have to drop off them hogs and get down to Summerville, South Carolina with your racing rig, come on. Keep the bugs off your glass and the bears of'n yer.... tail. I'll catch you on the flip-flop. This here's the one Rubber duck, 10-10 on the side. We gone. Bye bye.

Billy's Midway Trucking will send a pair! I was already eyeballing a few of my old trucks. This gives me an excuse to tune them up too.

  • Sweet! See ya at the track — Flip81
  • I can't tell you how many times I listened to that vinyl record! I was 8 ....maybe 10 yrs. old. — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • I've been a C.W. McCall fan since I was very young. So many funny and amazing songs: Now I got racin’ stripes and dual pipes And Smokey’s got a Ford. Got a mill with a four pot carb, you know But Smokey’s stroked and bored. Well, the chase was on, but I had the edge with a rig that’ll never fail. Got a CJ-5 with a four-wheel drive And Smokey on my tail. — Billys_Midway_Racing
  • And we crashed the gate doing 98 - let those truckers roll — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • Wold Creek Pass way up on The Great Divide. Truckin' on down the other side... Sounds like a good diecast track to race on, as long as you don't bash into the side of the feed store in downtown Pagosa Springs. — Billys_Midway_Racing
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RaginRicky 6/20/24

Count me in please

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BD_Racing 6/20/24

I'd like in

I'd like to be in.

May I get in

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RaginRicky 7/7/24

Loads Delivered time to roll out to Flips for some racing action!!

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Flip81 7/7/24

Please make sure your trucks fit on the hotwheels orange track. I have heard a couple fantasy trucks might be a little wide. Thanks for racing and good luck. 

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