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The October Boneyard Classic

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NDeavers80 10/7/18

When's the race?

The race is in the books...but the ipad is locked took it into the computer repair place today and they said they could get it going when we get it back we'll be able to upload to youtube...sorry for the delay and try to enjoy the suspense!!!

...they said we'd get it back this I'll update the thread with the race uploaded.

...Peace and Speed-LoS

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LeagueofSpeed 10/18/18

Well we got the iPad back yesterday...but they had to wipe some stuff and reinstall some we lost all the video still on the we'll be re-running the Boneyard Classic...our apologies.

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LeagueofSpeed 10/20/18

  • Good race thank you for doing it — NDeavers80
  • Solid Build ND...Great Race!!! — LeagueofSpeed
  • Great race me and you had Nick. Back and forth battle. Good builds brother — 41-14
  • Yes it was good job 41-14 — NDeavers80
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Jav74 10/20/18

What a great thing to wake up to on a day off Saturday! Thanks LoS and congrats on the win. 

 MGD and 41-14, it was an honor to line up with you both and not loose by multiple car lengths. I feel like I didn’t see taillights as easily this race. As a looser, I’m taking this one as a personal win. 

See you all soon at Tabacco Road!

  • Quality Builds Jav...Keep it Up!!! — LeagueofSpeed
  • Thanks, Man. — Jav74
  • Ya keep at it. You’ll see improvements with each and every build. I even learn something from the junk I build. And it was some good close racing. Lots of fun to watch. — 41-14
  • And it was an honour to line up against you too. Some nice builds there. — 41-14
  • Thanks guys. I mostly had fun building them as well. — Jav74
  • Was a pleasure lining up! — MDG_Racing

Can i join with my mod Acura 2005

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