Track directory housekeeping

redlinederby Saturday, 10/3/2020
Site manager

I did a little clean-up in the Track Directory this weekend to remove the tracks that did not have any information and/or photos in their listing from the directory.

The track entries were NOT deleted or anything like that. A track profile can be hidden from listing and that's what I did. You can choose to un-hide your track profile if you want, however...

The Track Directory is intended to be a showcase of track in homes around the world. In order to be a showcase, there has to be some photos of your track. If your track profile did not have any photos of your track, it has been removed from the listing. Logos and advertising do not qualify as a photo of your track.

In some cases, there were just some empty listings...they gave their track a name but no photos, no data, no story, no nothing. Those were also removed from being listed.

From the looks of things, there are also some track profiles that were added to show your track build in-progress. This is fine but please try to remember to go back and update your track directory profile as you improve your track. I saw quite a few that show the humble beginnings but are of tracks that I know are now bigger and better (looking at your Fraser Ridge).

If you have a track listed in the directory, please give it a quick review and update if it's needed. Like I said, the directory is a showcase to inspire others and share ideas. Lets all do our part to keep it looking good and be a great resource to the diecast racing community.

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