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Treetops Raceway Park's GT World Championship (Full roster)

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Uncle_Elvis 4/30/22


Olds Aurora GTS-1 

  • Yes, it was built for the GTS class back in the day. — Sneaky_Bob
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GrumpyCloud 4/30/22

I'd like a spot please!

Lily the Dog will take a spot if available 

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Driepe51 5/2/22

Ok fine you talked me into it... Doc will take a spot!! 

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MarkRich21 5/2/22

The track looks shweeet. Am I in?

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Big_Al 5/3/22

Put me on the list!

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MrDarq 5/3/22

Mr. Darq Dubious Diecast please

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Flip81 5/4/22


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Sneaky_Bob 5/10/22

Just to be clear not all cars the have "GT" in the car name are "GT" FIA race cars. It wil usually have a GT1, GT3, or GTR suffix.

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Numbskull 5/11/22

Exploring some possibilities and just checking to see if either of these would be okay.


Numbskull Racing

  • The Callaway C7 is, but the other is not. The Callaway would be a slick build. — Sneaky_Bob
  • I'll build the Callaway. — Numbskull
  • Sweet, I didn't event think about one of them. — Sneaky_Bob
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MadMike 5/11/22

Is the Porsche 935 acceptable?

  • Yes, this one is a GT3 car I believe. — Sneaky_Bob
  • Perfect this may just be my entry I just had to confirm as it didn't specify and I'm not firmilliar with the gt classes of racing — MadMike
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MadMike 5/11/22

Or possibly the Ferrari 456 gt?

Or that sexy fiero gt?

  • I mean that sexy Ferrari gt haha — MadMike
  • The Porshe is not for sure. It would need the wing on the back. The Fiero did compete in the IMSA GTU division in the US. Make sure it fits the orange track. I have a couple and they are pretty wide. — Sneaky_Bob
  • I'll have to check and confirm if it fits on orange track. I do have 2 backup options too — MadMike

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