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Triplemania Weekend

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Mattman213 2/12/20

Im annoyed, I meant to grab a picture of my entries to post up but forgot!!!  Got a Chrome Silver Bullet/Aeroflash (one of my favorite castings) and a Maroon Way 2 Fast (one of my least favorite castings) on the way.  They should be in your hands tomorrow by the end of the day Redline!


  • What! How is Way 2 Fast one of your least favorite??? It's a classic! — WorpeX
  • I HATED the original orange one despite the fact that its a cool cab, two exposed motors with blowers, hot rod vibe but I never really fell for it. It almost annoys me that they are fast and then I was SUPER annoyed when I finally sucked it up and bought this FTE version and the POS had a completely frozen wheel up front. I threw it in the trash pile and then said no, its back wheels are GOLDEN so Ill rob them for another build at least. After looking at it, there are some attributes that would make it super easy to get a little more speed out of so I built it for this race and after some back and forth it responded quite well to my work and should be a solid runner. I woulda liked to have been able to paint it but Ill do that when I get it back. I still dont like it but it gives the Chrome Silver Bullet a run for its money so I respect it. — Mattman213
  • Glad you gave it a try despite your hesitation. Now I hope your Way 2 Fast wins this tournament, simply because of how much you dislike the casting! — WorpeX
  • That wouldnt hurt my feelings but secretly I hope the Silver Bullet does really well. Its one of my favorites but out of a handful Im restoring/modding, this one literally fell together on its own and was a no brainer. It blew the doors off most of my other cars before I even polished the axles or glued them, then after all that it went heads up against the quickest mods I have without any weight added. Doesnt mean its fast but its the best of what I have laying around at the moment and it was a treat to build. — Mattman213
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Mattman213 2/12/20

OH...maybe I missed it but is there going to be any sort of video coverage or place that updates will be posted for those of us that cant make it?!?!?!  Im super pumped about this sort of event and really wish I was close enough to make the drive out.  Hope yall have a great turn out and a good time hosting it!


  • There is a videographer that’s set to wonder around during the event taking stills and video, which will be edited and posted at some point after the event. As for live streaming and that sort of thing I’m kinda dumb about how all that works, so I’m kinda leaning on others to help out with that. I’m sure between myself and Brian Vaughn we’ll try to come up with something and let folks here know. — Team164Bruno
  • BTW, did the cars make it ok? — Team164Bruno
  • Disregard, just noticed your PM. — Team164Bruno
  • Sweet I just wish we could make it, my Son would die to see it all and ide be in heaven just the same! — Mattman213
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redlinederby 2/12/20
Site manager

The video situation...for the big Saturday racing, I probably won't have a lot of video coverage of any single race. There will just be too much going on and me helping run things, shaking hands, kissing babies...all that stuff. I will take some video and plan on posting lots of photos throughout the day - so follow on Facebook and/or Instagram for that.

I hope to have more video for the Friday night Challage and Builder Battle races. I'll have some extra hands for that, which should help a lot. But it's going to be a lot of racing crammed into only a few hours plus I'm not on my home turf so some of it might be iffy. matter what, I will be putting together video packages after everything is done and posting it, hopefully up by Sunday night. And while there's a chance they might not be all complete race videos, there will be as much coverage as I can manage, I promise you.

I'm excited that folks are excited for this event and races. And for an event this hyped, I wish I had the equipment and resources to live stream some of it but that's just not in the cards this time around. Gonna have to be the usual delayed gratification.

We'll be using Challonge for the brackets and tracking, so I'll post links when they are available and that will be somewhat real-time so people can get the results before the video is posted if they want.

  • Yeah dont sweat it, have fun first and foremost and any kinda updates for us outta town folks will be plenty!!! — Mattman213
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WorpeX 2/13/20

I might have stumbled across a reason why my mods are always slow. 

So, I was modding up this shadow jet which was one of my childhood favorites but now the wheels were rusted and crooked. I found wheels that aren't exactly fast, but they fit and looked just like what they were replacing. One thing nice about this casting is there are really nice axel holders built in (not the usual prongs). So, after sanding and tweaking I put it back together for a quick test without having to glue or do really anything. 

I wasn't expecting much, but wouldn't you know it,  the thing wooped the crappy countache and even beat my stock shadow jet. I was impressed.  I thought,  "man, after I secure the wheels better,  it'll be crazy fast!"

Wrong.  Slower.  Much slower.  I ripped the jb qwik off and it was fast again.  Whatever! Anyway, it's probably the fastest mod I've ever sent (not that its a very high bar) but it doesn't beat the ipace or Matt's Chevy. It also didn't really get much track time. Still, I'm hopeful.

Unfortunately no more time for polish and tweaks. I'll send the cars to Ohio tommorrow! I'm packing it with the Treasure Hunt V-16 as my stocker.

  • Just curious, how would securing the axles effect its speed? Assuming there is no goop on the wheels and the front/rear axles are squared up. — Team164Bruno
  • I often debate with myself the benefits of fixing axles. I've always glued my axles in place and my cars never seem that much faster. And a part of me says, if Mattel is letting the axles be lose, then it must be the best...b/c they could just easily clamp the axles down. I'm sure there's some science behind having rolling axles with rolling wheels but I don't know what that is. — redlinederby
  • I think I'm going to try some non-fixed axles for future races to see what happens, if nothing else, an nice experiment. — redlinederby
  • Im not sure how that works but have noticed it before mainly on wheels that are how you described, not the best. On polished axles with good straight wheels it will be just as fast if not faster (in my experience) once they are secured in place and the wheels have a solid, non moving axle to spin on. — Mattman213
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redlinederby 2/14/20
Site manager

It was brought to my attention that Monday 2/17 is a post office holiday that I totally didn't realize (I certainly don't get a day off). So as such, I'll do a final post office pickup on Wednesday 2/19, which gives people an extra day to arrive. But your cars should probably be in the mail this weekend if you haven't shipped it yet.

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Team164Bruno 2/14/20

Final week of prep before the big weekend and we're starting to see door prizes roll in. We almost have the trophies finished up and the systems tested. Lots more to do but our crew is up to the challenge.  

  • Wow...the RLD door prizes look like shit compared to a bike and tool kit! LOL — redlinederby
  • But I'm keeping it in the family...diecast prizes for diecast people :) — redlinederby
  • Looks awesome! — Mattman213
  • Make sure that young lady you had with you last weekend enters the Kids Challenge — Team164Bruno
  • I thinks it will go to the kids winner — Team164Bruno
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redlinederby 2/15/20
Site manager

I might not have a lot of prizes to give away - no bicycles, big LEGO sets, or shiny tool kits...but what I do have might bring us the next great diecast racer.

  • If I were there and I had to pick a prize, I would take this one 100% of the time! Nice work Brian! — WorpeX
  • That's fantastic man, cool idea, cool presentation, COOL prize! — Mattman213
  • Me too!! — Team164Bruno
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Team164Bruno 2/17/20

Well this dude packed a big surprise. It's a Johnny Lightening and pulled a few lighting quick runs right out of the blister. I guess three engines will do that. Might have to enter it in the Downhill Drags stock class this weekend - Bruno 

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Team164Bruno 2/19/20

Race van roll'n in for the weekend. It brings out the inner hippie in everyone here - Bruno

  • Just picked up a car with those wheels on it at the local Flea Market! — Mattman213
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Team164Bruno 2/21/20

Triplemania starts TODAY!!!! 

Well, tonight actually.. good luck to all that sent in cars and thank you for participating - Bruno

(Don't forget that you have until 11:30am tomorrow to enter a pair of cars. If you're local to Central Ohio you just show up and I've been told by one competitor that he is overnighting a pair of cars which should see our doorstep by 10:30am. Thats ok too)

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Team164Bruno 2/22/20

I'll leave this right here. I'm sure Brian Vaughn and I will have pics an reviews/info about the weekend in the next few days. One thing is for sure - Mattman213 OWNED Triplemania One. Great work sir.

  • I really wish I could gone, Luke and I woulda been in heaven. The little snippets I saw from Redline's Facebook were awesome. I was hoping my entries would roll out and that the event would be a complete blast. Looks like it all worked out!!!! I look forward to seeing more in depth details on how both days went down and the fun that was hopefully had by all! — Mattman213
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redlinederby 2/23/20
Site manager

Yes, look for a complete review of the weekend on tonight and Monday morning. I have a lot of photos and video to sift through, plus just trying to recap and remember what happened over 2 days and 4 races...whew...

Here are links to the Downhill Drags brackets, both modified and stock.



But I don't need a deep article to say that Redline Derby Racing cleaned up this weekend in a big way. We claimed the Battle of the Builders trophy and RLD caused a traffic jam in the Modified Downhill Drags, littering all over the Sweet 16 down the finals. Gotta admit it was awesome to see an all-RLD Final Four, even if it was just 2 cars across the 4 cars. Big congrats to Matt and Patrick for taking home all the hardware. 

More real soon...

  • Woohooo!! Top 8 for the V-16! Pretty happy about that. Lets just not talk about that Shadow Jet though... — WorpeX

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