UPDATED: Email service down, working on repair

redlinederby Sunday, 8/14/2022
Site manager

UPDATE: I made some configuration changes and it looks like emails are flowing once again. The few tests I've done tell me the messages should arrive in your normal inbox and not get flagged as spam (always a worry). 

The list of services below have been returned to email.

If you feel that a mail notification isn't working as you expected, please message so it can be investigated.

It's come to my attention that the site is not sending email updates and notifications as it is supposed to. I investigated and can confirm that strange things are afoot at the Circle K. This effects the following conveniences:

  • Account activation
  • Password reset
  • Private message notifications
  • Thread update notifications
  • Event follow-up notifications

I'll be digging in to see what I can repair but until then you'll just have to log in regularly to check if you have messages and scroll through the forum to check on active conversations.

I'll be turning off account activation as well since that requires email. New sign-ups will be able to log in immediately after sign-up.

Unfortunately, this also covers password resets...so if you need your password reset, please email the front office - werace@redlinederby.com - and we'll give you a temporary password that you can change.

Sorry for the trouble and inconvenience. I'm not sure what happened...I think my web host changed some rules or configuration. I don't have a ETA for a fix yet because I'm just digging in to see see what's up. Hopefully it can get resolved rather quickly.