Who has tracks that are open for business?

redlinederby Wednesday, 5/3/2017
Site manager

Since we don't have a nice track directory online (yet), I just want to get a show of hands of folks that have a race track that is available for mail-in racing...?

I know we typically just let everyone post when they feel like doing a tournament but I want to plan out more regularly and am looking for tracks that want to host. When? Dunno yet, but when I'm looking at the calendar, I'd like a list of folks to ask and see if they're available.

Even if you're new-ish to the sport but want to get your feet wet in hosting, that's cool, we can make it easy for you :)

And if you're simply not interested, that's perfectly fine. I know time is a precious thing and we can't always do the things we want even if we really want to.

Of course, everyone is still free to post their own tournaments as we always have. I'm just trying to build a little database of open tracks until we have an online directory.


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LeagueofSpeed 5/4/17
Event coordinator

RLD Racing Circuit would be very cool and would help set up a racing calendar. 

  • We regularly do series/circuit tournaments too, just been light schedule lately — redlinederby
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gtaman 5/4/17

I have one

I am going to make some changes to my track soon, but they are minor.  I am always down to host a race.

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LeagueofSpeed 5/17/17
Event coordinator

Tobacco Road is open for business.

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Mopar_Mafia 6/18/17

Hello, I posted the photos but couldn't add any text to the post for some reason. !@#$%^&*()_+

Anyway greetings and Happy Fathers Day to those to whom that applies. I am hoping to be open for racing very soon. I have not hosted before but would to become more engaged in the site and the racing action. My wife bought this for me last holiday because it was on sale at a good price and I haven't had time to build a two lane. Doesn't look like much but you can see that the track is straight and level. I am going to deburr some casting flash on the main drop. As it stands right now I can do a six lane race but also have longer pieces to have a 1/4 mile 2 lane with LED finish (no shown). I think that I'm going to call it Cigar City Dragway.

I'm always open to suggestions and ideas, so hit me up with them. Cheers and Thanks! Farmall

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