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Build Journal: Wile E. Canyon (and Odette Siko track)

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Looking awesome man, well done... 

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Coyote 4/17/22


thank you.

yesterday friends came to race and made a short video of the track's actual condition.

It will need weeks to achieve the diorama and I have to continue with my "real" work, which allowed me to use such a large amount of extruded polystyren (I'm currently building the form of a cargo velomobile to make a mold).

So I'll update this topic asap but not so often.

Race in peace !

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Coyote 4/24/22


sand has been apply in the town and around, now I have to wait for the diorama glue to dry.

A good session with different brushes will follow.

To be continued...

  • Great work! And original. I love the Coyote. I really love it!!! — Kastanets
  • thank you ! I know now how to answer this way... lol — Coyote
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Coyote 5/8/22

Few more pictures with a better camera, not a lot of upgrade since last time.

Sand is brushed and new cars arrived. The workshop is busy, they're making a good job inside and begin to be over-booked. People talk together and some race challenges seem to start nearby.

Now we have to discover the Arduino world to pilot the start gate and the timing.

I hope back soon with news, thanks for your support !

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