WIP Mario Karts Rainbow Road

Mario_Kartz Wednesday, 11/15/2023

I am now working on my New Project for my office space. Its not much along with my PC, Keyboard and boxes of Hot Wheels I gotta move to make room.

So far I got the demensions except for the Curves I need to know because I can only fit 6ft L x 2ft W. I've been looking at A & B and C & D curves and tells me they're different setup as far as I know for the S Curve that I really don't know the width and the length. I know the Width track is 8in wide. 

I will be keeping up to date on my progress and see how it's gonna turn out. 

It will be on the 5 teir plastic shelves, I also bought me some K'Nex which will help me in the long run. I really do have some surprises coming up for my track that I think you'll want to race it on. Stay Tuned ;)

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