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Workshop Series Rip-n-Race...for Fast Fred! Results and Video!

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72_Chevy_C10 12/13/15
Event coordinator


I'll wrap this up a little later tonight, once you'be had a chance to watch the videos!

  • good stuff, thanks c10... congrats MO... — fordman
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fordman 12/13/15

emailed fred's grandmom... told her about the cars, the races and the video...

  hope can watch them as it should be cool knowing he will get them...

  thanks boys, well done !

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72_Chevy_C10 12/13/15
Event coordinator

First and foremost, let me just say THANK YOU to everyone that sent cars in for this race. I'm sure that your simple acts of kindness will make one boy's Christmas a very special one! Thank you!

Here are the prize cars...

I've decided to split them up. Paul (MoHasFastCars) is going to get one each of the different cars in this set for winning this race...well done, your cars were super quick! And I feel that Bill (DadVBall) and Kory (Nightstalker) also deserve some prizes, so they will be getting 3 cars each...DadVBall's cars were super tough through the first few rounds and Nightstalker's Vega kept me entertained all day!

I didn't really expect my bracket filler car to reach the finals...I guess it just shows how quick those C10's are (sorry, I had to get that in there!)

Thank you again, Guys! There are over 80 cars in this box...

Well, under the Christmas wishes there are over 80 cars! And they will go out first thing tomorrow!

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MoHasAFastCar 12/13/15

I had a feeling about that Bentley, nice long wheelbase.  Now I need to find some more.  Surprised my Transit Van did so well, I have another one with a different paint scheme that's not very fast.

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Nightstalker 12/13/15

Merry Christmas Fred!!!!  Great Job and a fun race as always. Nice Job C-10, Happy Holidays to the other half of the Jersey Double  lol.

I'm not forgetting my Redline Racemates but a good time to start with the Ho, Ho stuff. lol

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72_Chevy_C10 12/14/15
Event coordinator

The car are on their way! Thank you again, Guys!

FWIW, I finally found another Bentley Continental.  Been looking for weeks ever since it won.  Today laying dead center on top of the Wal-Mart grab bin with a light shining down on it, there it was.  Wheeeeee!  I took it home, opened and raced...not fast.  Also, it's pretty unremarkable, not really a long wheelbase or wide or distinctive in any way.  Not even heavy.  Even boring in appearance, Not exactly a 200k value...though I suppose the real one isn't plastic on the inside:)

Anyway, guess the winner just had lucky wheels.

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