Saturday, June 3rd, 2023
Hosted by Sweet JP
SweetJP Thursday, 3/16/2023

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The sound of the crowd settling for the start is a constant drum in the back of ones head.  Fighting over seats, showing support for their favorite driver, and that constant pop-pop-pop of guns being fired in celebration.  The cars one by one roar to life as their driver’s press the start button and frantically start making adjustments to bring the beast within under control.  The sounds of the crowd now drowned out by the roar of engines, each driver focused on the road ahead and their own vision of victory.  The intense smells of various forms of fuel and hot burnt rubber assault the senses, the vibration, intense heat, and riverets of sand blowing across animate the pavement surface into a living breathing thing.  The yellow line hastily painted across it’s surface becomes not only the start of this brutal punishment, that both man and machine will endure, but also the finish when only one will be victorious, only one will be named the victor.

The future is here, the future is now, REDLINE is about the galaxy’s biggest and deadliest illegal road race, only held every five years at a secret location not unveiled until practically the last minute.  Naturally, everyone wants to take part, but to do so they must first qualify in one of the YELLOWLINE races.

YELLOWLINE 1, the first YELLOWLINE race series and will take Drivers to the far reaches of the galaxy, to challenging, obscure, backwater racing venues.  First stop is on my home planet, Planet Dorothy.  All races will be posted on YouTube Channels.  Join me, Sweet JP, and be 1 of 12 cars on the starting grid.  It will not be first come first served, although early entries will be looked upon favourably.  Every entry will be evaluated before being accepted.  The first 11 approved Drivers will get a spot on the Grid but additional drivers will be added to the Reserves List. 

The objective of the race is to go fast and win but you will also need to keep track of your Popularity.  At the end of each race a Driver will be voted off and a new Driver called up from the Reserves List to take their place. Popularity is based on how cool looking your ride is and how well known you are.  Once the event is underway, Popularity will increase with skilled driving maneuvers and come from behind wins. Reserves List Drivers may also be called upon to replace an otherwise eliminated car, so have your ride ready to go.

This may be a post apocalyptic world but these are high-stakes races that require good sponsors and enduring popularity to land a seat in REDLINE.  Make sure your ride stands out and pops with bold coloured good looking paint.  A number is not required but identifiable makings or paint scheme is highly recommended.  There is nothing stopping you from included protective mesh window screens or a small mounted weapon but these are not required.

You will not get your car back.  In this type of inter-galactic racing cars may get lost or damaged.  Any car eliminated many be damaged or destroyed and will likely become part of the diorama for future races.  Recommended castings are long wheelbase Fantasy cars like the Nitro Doorslammer, The Gov’ner, Prototype H-24, and Night Shifter.  Cars need to have a closed cockpit or enclosed roof, exception is cars with windows that almost fully close in the driver like Retro Active.  It would be best to avoid the same casting as me, the Rivited casting, but it is not forbidden.  Off limits castings are: Jet Threat 3.0, Cloud Cutter, and the series of RD-0X cars.  Check for other casting approvals.

Other Casting suggestions:  Side Draft, Count Muscula, Carbide, Rocket Fire, Ground FX, Fast Fish, Two Timer, Power Bomb, Maelstrom, Hyperfin, Sling Shot, Rev Rod, 16 Angels, and Drift King.

Rules & Restrictions

  • Enough said

Read carefully, MUST be a Fantasy Casting, there are suggested casting types, off limits castings, and cars must have a closed cockpit or enclosed roof (some exceptions on open roof).

Dates & Deadlines

Have your cars in by June 3rd for YELLOWLINE 1 and we will get rolling asap.

You will need to provide a Driver’s Name, Team Name, and your proposed Diecast Manufacture & Casting Name before getting accepted.

Once you have received approval for your entry, contact the tournament host to get the shipping address and include a Race Entry ID slip with your entry


I've got a partnership with Marcus Firegone, so the primary YouTube Channel for YELLOWLINE is Marcus Firegone and will run on Snow Valley East (aka Planet Dorothy) for the first race.

The second Track Host is Man Child Motorsports

Third Track Host is Juniors Raceway

Fourth Track Host is Gravity Throttle Racing

Fifth Track Host is Ricks Diecast Racing

Waiting on responses from Poverty Hollow, Coal Hills Diecast Racing and DiamondHand Racing.

Want to be added to the Galactic Track List, contact Sweet JP to find out what it takes to host and gain fame and fortune.  Tracks are downhill open track.

Race format and scoring

Format is GRID-4 or GRID-6 depending on the track.  GRID-4 is 3 Groups of 4 cars from P1 to P12, GRID-6 is 2 Groups of 6 cars from P1 to P12.  Drivers will complete 3 laps at each track.  The initial Grid formation is based on the entry list below.  For each subsequent track the Grid will be based on on the order in which they finished at the previous track.

One Driver is voted off at the end of each race and replaced with a new Reserves List Driver.  That new Driver will start in P7, middle of the pack.

The Top 3 Drivers will win an entry into the 2027 REDLINE.


Every attempt will be made to include your car in these race events but as said, cars will be eliminated and you will not be getting your car back.  Look for your car to be included in the future diorama.

Loosely based on Redline (2009 film)

YELLOWLINE 1 - Driver List

Updated Driver's List:

OLD Driver's List ... #3 & #10 are missing

Contact Sweet JP at any point before the racing starts if you wish to change your Casting, Driver, or Team Name.

YELLOWLINE 1 - Reserves List

Update Reserves List:

OLD Reserves List ... #13 & #14 bumped up to Driver's List and back filled with Standby Drivers.

These 4 spots on the Reserves List will be used during the race season to replace Drivers who are voted off.  All these cars must be ready to go for the start of the season.

Waiting List:

  • Blank - U_U - Splittin' Image II (no show)
  • The EH-Team The Crazy Canuck Impavido 1 (bumped up to Reserve List)
  • Peach GX Valley Thunders Muscle and Blown (no show)

We are still taking entries for the waiting list, but you are likely not going to make it into this season and will have to wait for next years YELLOWLINE 2.  If, however, someone does not show up in time for the event you may be called upon to replace them. 

Sweet JP spotted trackside ...


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Sorry, I just sent my last spare fantasy casting to Uranus.

  • did it see any Klingons? — dr_dodge
  • Mianus, I didn't see it — SweetJP
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RLoRacing 3/17/23

Picture of the track? YouTube link?

edit: Ok. Team: RLoRacing, Driver: R-Lo, Casting: Avus Quattro 

  • It's R-Lo of R-Lo Racing, some fame point right there. Also, no rules about windows :-) — SweetJP
  • I'm still finalizing Track Hosts and will be providing the primary YouTube Channel partnership soon. It's all downhill open track. Crash Racers stuff mostly. — SweetJP
  • Why not. I’ll send one — RLoRacing
  • Let me know what casting you are entering and I will add you to the driver's lineup. — SweetJP
  • Ok. Team: RLoRacing, Driver: R-Lo, Casting: Avus Quattro — RLoRacing
  • You've got it — SweetJP
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Uncle_Elvis 3/17/23

Edit: driver: Uncle Elvis

Casting: After Blast

Put me in

  • Uncle Elvis Racing is in the house. What driver do you want to use for this race? Also, do you have a casting in mind? — SweetJP
  • Casting: After Blast Driver: Uncle Elvis — Uncle_Elvis
  • After Blast as in the McDonald's promo edition? — SweetJP
  • Yup. That's the one — Uncle_Elvis
  • Ok, lets see what you can do with that, you are in — SweetJP
  • Don't forget to send in your entry — SweetJP

I'll give it a go. 

  • Milestone Racing I assume. What is your Driver's Name and Casting? — SweetJP
  • Just a few spots left ... I need your Driver's Name and proposed Casting before I can approve your entry. — SweetJP
  • Driver Maverick Miles — Milestone_Racing
  • Casting: Count Muscula — Milestone_Racing
  • Excellent, you get the last spot ... you will join the event for the last race but note that the last race is worth the most points. Please have your entry ready on/before the due date. Thanks — SweetJP

Always in for outer space mayhem:D

  • Who's it going to be, Blank, Blake, Blaze, or Blade? and what Casting is it going to be? — SweetJP
  • So much questions! I don't know yet. I'll find an interesting casting then let you know which one I chose and who's going to drive — Underdogs_Unleashed
  • Just a few spots left ... I need your Driver's Name and proposed Casting before I can approve your entry. — SweetJP

This race allow for real model machines?

we got some cars that may fit in to this street racing scene.

  • 1:64 scale diecast and must fit on standard orange Hot Wheels track. Provide picture of what you are thinking of. — SweetJP
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Marco_Polo 3/17/23

Polo Racing is in on this one... selecting a casting...

  • Is that The Marco Polo of Marco Polo Racing. — SweetJP
  • Polo Racing it is... — Marco_Polo
  • Driver Marco Polo - car Lethal Diesel — Marco_Polo
  • You've got it — SweetJP
  • Don't forget to send in your entry — SweetJP
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PuffsRacing 3/17/23

Sounds like fun I'll take a spot if available 

  • So that's Puff of Puffs Racing. What casting are you planning on useing? — SweetJP
  • Not sure. Any casting you want me to use. I'll do it up. — PuffsRacing
  • These are good ones: Night Shifter, Prototype H-24, Retro Active or Side Draft — SweetJP
  • Here are some more ideas: Count Muscula, Carbide, Rocket Fire, Ground FX, and Fast Fish — SweetJP
  • Two Timer, Power Bomb, Maelstrom, Hyperfin, Sling Shot, Rev Rod, 6 Angels, and Drift King — SweetJP
  • Just a few spots left ... Sorry, but I just need your proposed Casting before I can approve your entry. — SweetJP
  • I'll take what ever available I'll go find it sorry for the inconvenience — PuffsRacing
  • I have the cosmic coupe — PuffsRacing
  • Great, sorry it took a bit there to get you set. You will be the 2nd Driver/Team to replace someone voted off but I will still need your entry before the entry deadline. Thanks — SweetJP
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Papa_Pugsley 3/17/23

Papa Pugsley will have to give it a try. Is Rally Special an acceptable casting?

  • It's Papa Pugsley of Man Child Motorsports ... yes, Rally Special is a good casting for this. — SweetJP
  • A reminder to send in your car for the event — SweetJP

You wanted some pictures of cars?

here. We got some from every style you can think of.European super cars, Hypercars even.

American Horsepower.

JDM Tuners. 

When we asked if real models we're allowed, this was just some of what we were talking about.

  • Sorry, I miss understood, I thought you were talking about another brand like Metal Machines or something ... no, it must be a Fantasy casting along the lines of what I was suggesting. Think distant future or another planet all together ... no real cars. Check out the movie Redline. — SweetJP
  • Fantasy cars like the Nitro Doorslammer, The Gov’ner, and Prototype H-24 — SweetJP
  • Oh I’m aware of the movie, huge fan. I was mainly asking because for about 85% of the movie JO drives what looks like a modded out 70’s camaro. At least, the front end looks the part. — 0utsiders_Street_Racing
  • Ok, awesome. I just added the trailer for the movie to help put people in the mood. Best to start with a Fantasy casting ... could be a Fantasy casting that looks a little like a real car ... which is why I chose Rivited. — SweetJP
  • What about HW original concepts, or prototype rides? i.e the Ford GT90, or the Olds aurora GTS-1, or Volkswagen Kafer Racer? The GT-90 was only a prototype, and the GTS-1 and Kafer racer, while based on real cars, are HW original concepts. Are those okay? — 0utsiders_Street_Racing
  • The Volkswagen Kafer Racer could make for a cool one. I'm ok with that one. The Olds aurora GTS-1 would really need some mods to make it look the part. The GT90 is too recognizable. — SweetJP
  • The Oldsmobile aurora was a real car. The GTS-1 circuit car variant never existed however. The aurora, irl…just wasn’t…anything special. That’s solely a HW original creation, hence why I asked. — 0utsiders_Street_Racing
  • You can bring the GTS-1 if you like. Is that the car you want to enter? — SweetJP

I would like to enter this tournament. 

Team: Chase Family Racing

Driver: Endcount

Casting: Jack Hammer

**Are there any weight restrictions?

  • Sounds good. No weight restrictions but too much weight may not be a benefit — SweetJP
  • Don't forget to send in your entry — SweetJP
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MQHracing 3/18/23

Mqh racing wants in 

driver: boondox 

team: MQH racing

car: gov'ner

  • You've got it — SweetJP
  • Don't forget to send in your entry — SweetJP

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