Tinouchy Speedway

Managed by JasonL36_Racing

About this track

This is probably my first "serious" track I ever made. I didn't really have many matrials to get a track going back then, so I jus used what I had.

This track is made out of the old Hot Wheels four lane, which leads to two short pieces of hot wheels track. After that it goes into a sort of fat track, which was taken from a "Cars" playset I got when I was younger.It could go a full half circle, but instead I went with 3/4 of a full half circle because at first I lost the fourth piece. It was the only section of the track that parts these parts that COULD connect to hot wheel's track, but it wasn't designed for that and there were a large slope on the connecter which would damage the hot wheels track if kept there for too long. There was also a lane merger that ends the turn and the track.

So far with all the times I've raced here, it seems the outside lane is much faster then the inside in most cases, but that it hardly matters because when the car on the inside is around the same speed, maybe even a bit slower, it will most likely beat the outside. This is because even if the car is going on the outside and being slightly faster, it's much harder to overtake half a car then to defend stay ahead long enough for the merger to appear. Also gravity allows the inside to get to the merger faster even if both cars are simlar in speed. 

If you're wondering about the name I just added random words together. Tin, couch and an y at the end.