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Modding cars and building tracks is great, but when it comes down to it, we're racing head-to-head for diecast racing glory...and your competition lies all around the world.

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Junkyard Joust Custom Tournament II
Jackhammers versus Cadillac V16

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1st Place Finishes: 7
Podium Finishes: 22
Top 5 Finishes: 23

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1st Place Finishes: 21
Podium Finishes: 54
Top 5 Finishes: 62

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How do standings work?

Standings rely on organizers self-reporting the results of their races. If hosts do not submit race results here on this website, then your profile will not reflect your past wins and podiums.

Please encourage race hosts to report results. Share this link with them or tell them to click the yellow button below.

Standings and stats are only available to Redline Derby Racing members. Results can be submitted for non-members but there will not be any historical tracking available.

Wait, results were submitted but my profile hasn't changed

Double-check that the host has used the correct RLD member name. Contact the race organizer to try and clear up any naming issues, but if you're still seeing incorrect information, contact RLD.

How are standings calculated?

  • 1st place wins are tracked as a 1st place win, a podium finish, and a Top 5 finish
  • 2nd place wins are tracked as a podium finish, and a Top 5 finish
  • 3rd place wins are tracked as a podium finish, and a Top 5 finish
  • 4th place wins are tracked as a Top 5 finish
  • 5th place wins are tracked as a Top 5 finish

We do not track overall entries (attempts) or results below P5 for any single person. Therefore, there will be no win-loss record or any similar stat.

Example: If Racer Moe entered 25 races and only won one, and Racer Larry only entered one race and won, both racers will show one win in their profile.

Hosts, report your results

Please submit your results and help racers keep track of their wins and standings. It's a painless 1-step process.

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