16-car races...

markkaz Saturday, 8/7/2010

Can you do 32? Will it fit on the page?
How about 64?

I'm just curious what you have experimented with.


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redlinederby 8/7/10
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I looked into 32 when I was building the game and honestly, it was a bit overwhelming when it came to filling out a bracket. As you've seen, 16 fits nicely onto the screen it pretty much one shot. Any more than that and there's a new mechanic involved.

I think 32 is as far as I'd be willing to add (down the road) just because it is still manageable for me to race (twice) weekly. This season will be all 16-cars if for no other reason as to see if people enjoy this format. If this season goes well I'll look into expanding it for the winter.

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markkaz 8/7/10


I think it's cool how 14 years later, races usually go from 16-32-64-and into the multi-hundereds

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