Collecting and Organizing1970 Hot Wheels Road Trials set

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You know, that dynamo at the top of the garage does work to help align the cars. I am going to try and find a working one, and add it to my alignment it would just be cool to own one.

I remember the original TV ads for the Tune-Up Tower and I always thought that the 'dynamo' was the neatest feature. The mechanical device, itself, appears to be simple enough to duplicate. I'd imagine that with some ingenuity and the aid of modern technology(eg: digital pressure sensors) an even more accurate device might be feasible.

I was born is 67, but my Dad bought a HW set just about every Christmas until we moved on to AFX slot racing around 1974-75. I do remember one snow day in 1976, we combined, I don't know how many sets together...all I know is that it covered the entire Den floor, ran under the couch...every where....had multiple booster stations and a 20 lap race via the ole lap counter took quite awhile....that track would have been so youtube worthy. I'm pretty sure we had the Tune-Up Tower...what I would not give for a time machine.

My Mom would kid him, you're buying that for him?

Voxxer made his own dyno for Hot Wheels using some meters of some sort and a motor. He's kept it pretty secret in terms of how it works, but here's the photo he "leaked" out a while back.

Very cool and very telling....look into why he's hard to beat, the man takes modding HW very seriously. I just want the tune-up tower and another tuning wrench/tool...very hard to find in good working order.

Voxxer goes all out, that's for sure.

I was watching a BIN for $60 with free shipping, but it went before I could pull the trigger on it.

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