Track Building and Buying2-Lane electronic finish now available from 3DBotMaker

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The creator of the often-praised 4-Lane electronic finish line, 3DBotMaker, has officially release a 2-Lane version. It's available for purchase now from his Etsy store for $40.

I reviewed the 4-Lane finish line back in the Spring and it is a great product. Simple, sturdy and works perfectly with all that orange track you have lying around. Several other RLD members purchased the finish line based on that recommendation and there haven't been any complaints.

3DBotMaker has a short list of great accessories for racing, including a starting gate, connectors and some funnels.

I'm just bumping this to the top...because these finish lines work really well! 

I have a question regarding the 4 lane finish line. The Lincoln Johnny Lightning Race Club is definitely interested in purchasing one but I need to know how long it takes to reset? Thanks Jeremy!

They rest pretty quickly...the winning lane stays lit for maybe 5 seconds and then it is ready to go again. I can time it when I get home
Yeah, it's pretty quick. It resets in the time it takes me to walk 20-feet.
4 seconds

I know the 3DBotMaker electronic finish gates have been out for a while now and I really do like mine. There is one certain benefit of these gates that may have been overlooked. That is, the lack of physical triggers to contact often fragile vintage paint surfaces. Like many, I like collecting vintage cars, appreciate their value, and maintain them accordingly. But I would often cringe when racing some of my more costly redlines/Toppers through mechanical finish gates. The 3DBM gate completely eliminates that problem....infrared light won't chip 50yr old Spectra-flame redlines spend less time in storage, more time on the track.

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