2009 Corvette ZR1 FTE in the garage

Bandeezee Monday, 5/17/2010

Just an FYI for all you racing fans, I made a recent risky move of picking up a new car and dumping the 2009 Corvette ZR1 FTE. The upside, the corvette is 5-0, the downside, looking at the test track, I think it has a good chance to race the Land Rover MKII and I don't want to take a chance on losing my trade-in points for it.

Question Brian, would I have been able to wait until the cars are locked in to see what car the Corvette would have been racing and if I didn't like the match up, still get my trade-in points? I thought about waiting, but didn't know if the 1971 Dodge Demon would still be available, so I took a chance.


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redlinederby 5/17/10
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Let me make sure I'm hearing the question...

So lets say the Corvette was in your garage on seeding day. It gets picked to race against a super car and pretty much can't win. So then on the next day (before the race) can you trade-in the Corvette for the current trade-in value?


However, if the Corvette wins that race and it's not in your garage, you won't get any bonus points nor would you gain any added trade-in value. You will still get win points (500) because you entered that car on deadline day. The sacrifice is all bonus and trade-in points.

So if you were seeing that the Corvette would have been fighting the Land Rover in the next race, then it was probably smart to trade-in the Corvette and get what points you can for it, especially at 5-0, that was a good move. Well played.

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Bandeezee 5/17/10

Thank you, that was my question exactly. I was going to wait until seeding to see if it was in fact going to race the Land Rover, but I wanted to make sure to get the Dodge Demon somebody traded in. Now the test track is showing the Dodge Demon is probably going to race the FTE Nova, I might have to find another quick trade, LOL.

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Redhead 5/17/10

I am astonished that the Land Rover finally lost, and to the 959, who it had knocked off of the top 3!!!

This post reminds me, will there be a point after the last race to trade in our cars, maybe a day or two? just to get those extra points..

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markkaz 5/17/10

From the Blog:


However, the last race on May 30 is NOT the end of the season. The official end of the season will be the following Sunday on June 6. This extra week will allow players to cash in whatever cars they have left in their garage. Garages will be closed on June 6 and a final leaderboard determined. The player with the most points will be the first champion of the RDR Fantasy League, and their may be a little something in it for the winner.

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redlinederby 5/17/10
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Let me tell you the Land Rover v Porsche was a race of millimeters. The Rover just out-inched the Porsche in the All-Pro race and the Rover must have been tired by the International race. It wasn't a land slide by any means...

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