2015 Relay Mania!

Thursday, January 15th, 2015
MattCat Saturday, 11/15/2014

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Welcome to the 2015 Relay Mania!

RULES: You choose four cars. They race each other. The first 'runner' will be timed in the first quarter of the race and so on. The relay team with the quickest time wins! (This May sound weird, but I tried this with my brother and my friends and it is better than it sounds!

DATE: 15th January 2015

HOW IT WILL BE HOSTED: I cannot host since I live in Australia. Please can anyone host this event for me. If not, I will have to add in a new concept, called 'Self Hosting'. If you have an average sized non modded Hot Wheels Orange/Grey track then you are eligible to race your cars on that track. If you don't own that track you are to mail your relay team to someone who does. Owners, you are to film your cars and somehow (details will be specified later) transmit the race and the race results to me and anyone else who is willing to do it. This will be the same for the finals. This will be quite a struggle so it would be really helpful if someone could host this for me. If you do not live in the United States even if we get a host you can use self hosting. That's what I'm going to do! The state and location is blank until we get a host.


MattCat Racing: 1st racer: Matchbox Police Car     2nd Racer:Hot wheels Mitsubishi Eclipse 3rd racer: Hot wheels Retro-Active  4th racer Hot Wheels Mustang Funny Car

Car Regulations: Must be a 1/64 die cast car. Can be any brand. Only allowed 2 modded cars per team. Weight limit 20-55 Grams. 

Terms and conditions: I or any other host claim no responsibility if any cars do break while racing or in the mail to a host. If we find out you are cheating in any way you will be disqualified from the 2015 race and banned from the 2016 race. Prizes may or may not be given out based on the kindness of your host. If a car breaks on the way to the host, tough luck (sorry if that came across a little rude). It would be good if you register your cars on here and it would be even better if you could post a photo.

Happy racing! Let me know if there's anything I forgot from this thread!

First leg in New Jersey, second leg needs host.

Also, it would be cool if someone could make a trophy or prize or something.


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72_Chevy_C10 11/15/14
Event coordinator

Hey Matt,

So basically,  it is the combined time of your four-car team vs the others combined time, right? Would this just be a timed event, or would the teams race in a bracket...team against team, until a winner was determined?

This event would be taking place while the Sedan race is happening, but, I could host it if you want. My leg of the Sedan race is the weekend before that.

I'd like to suggest a little wrinkle in this one. Since Matt is stepping up and organizing this race, I think it might be cool if everyone send in teams of 4 cars, and once they are raced here, we packed them up and ship them to Australia to let Matt race the second leg of the race! And not worry about having Matt send our cars back! Let the Redline Derby cars represent the US in any future races Matt might hold 'down under'!

What do you say, Guys?

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model40fan 11/15/14

I modd raced in Australia and Indonesia a couple years back... Rascal Fred won it all in the land down under... Butts kicked in Indonesia... We had them keep the cars rather than return ship...

I think it was $16 to ship [4] cars...  Maine to Australia ... Took over 3 weeks...

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MattCat 11/15/14

72_Chevy, It goes like this

Team 1 vs Team 2 etc. The winner then progresses into the finals round. We keep having finals until only 2 teams remain. In the grand final, we run them 10 (That's what I did with my friends, you're welcome to change it!) times and find an average. The team with the quickest average wins! There must be only four cars per team. I'm also happy for you to host! That's a great idea, that I could host the second leg! If anyone desperately wanted their cars back they could just post back the return postage cost. If that doesn't work for the second leg we could use the self hosting concept. If it is okay with you, can I do that for my team on the first leg? Thanks for all of this help! Also, as Model40 said, it would be a good idea to post the cars about 3 weeks before the race just to insure I get it on time! Again, thanks for all your help, and go the mighty Aussie relay team!

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72_Chevy_C10 11/16/14
Event coordinator

Hey Matt,

The way the races generally work on here is that, once an idea has enough support...I.e. enough people to compete in it, then it becomes a race.

If this idea gets some support, I'd be happy to host it. Let's see if it gets going.

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MattCat 11/16/14

I guess 10 teams would be good but we could go more or less.

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MattCat 11/17/14

If everyone that even has thought about participating please tell us so we can get this race going!

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FOTF 11/18/14

I'd probably send postage to get at least some of my cars back (unless there are any racing clubs in Australia), and I don't entirely get it, but I definitely think this idea's interesting.  Is it that the qualified "first" car of one team races Car 1 of another?

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MattCat 11/19/14

FOTF, there is no racing clubs in Australia in my knowledge. Yes, It is the first 'runners' against the first runners only timed in the first quarter of the track, and so on. I can't hold the second leg of relay mania because of personal reasons, so there's only 1 leg or another person volunteers.

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Stroller 11/20/14

Is it the combined best time of a four car team that wins or do teams actually race each other?  If you just run on time then you have something new.  If you race teams versus teams then it seems like it just another race.  And how do you tell if one four car team beats another four car team.  If you had team A's best car come in first place and all of team A's other cars finish 6th 7th and 8th and team B's car finished 2nd thru 5th who wins?  Timed teams is the way to go in my opinion.  and where does the name MattCat come from?  It is a cool name.....Stroller

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MattCat 11/20/14

It is timed, it was from the start. So the 1st runners are timed in the first quarter of the track and so on. We add the team's times together and whatever team has the quickest time wins. So that answers all of your questions. MattCat has a long story behind it, so I was doing a matchbox Superfast race with my friends and we were in a locked room, with my cat. In the final, it was me versus my friend and he was winning until my cat got his paw out and hit it down the track, and it won. I made up a team name including both of us, MattCat.

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FOTF 11/20/14

Nice teammate!

I think I finally understand this.  Say, half the track was ramp, and half of it was straighaway; Car #1 gets timed on the first half of the ramp, and #4 on the second half of the straight?  Is that what you're saying?

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MattCat 11/20/14

Yes, and 3 and 4 in between. It's a easy concept once you get it.

  • I see now; I suppose it could be (though I'd think you'd almost need a video to measure it for certain). — FOTF
  • And the fastest car overall is used to measure the first quarter of the track? — FOTF
  • What do you mean? — MattCat
  • How do you determine which of the four cars is timed on which of the four quarters? — FOTF
  • I guess you put a barrier on the quarters — MattCat

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