2020 RLD Nationals Team Numbers

LeagueofSpeed Saturday, 1/11/2020

Keep up and commit to memory...Brackets will have numbers...not names.

1&2-South271 Racing 

3&4-DVB Racing 

5&6-Go Time Racing 

7&8-Traction Event 

9&10-North271 Racing 

11&12-72 Chevy C10

13&14-MDG Racing 

15&16-Lady of Speed 

17&18-League of Speed 


21&22-Speed Force 


25&26-L&M Racing 

27&28-Big Poppy Racing 

29&30-Team 164B

31&32-Team 164K

33&34-ND Racing 

35&36-Bayou City Bandits 

37&38-HTown Hustle 

39&40-Space City Speed 

41&42-41-14 Racing 

43&44-Wild Rose Racing 

45&46-9.81 Racing 

47&48-G Force Racing 

49&50-Outlaw Racing 

51&52-Little Bug Racing 

53&54-Paradox Racing 

55&56-Boom Machines 

57&58-DC Wheels 

59&60-Sinister Grackle 

61&62-Red Pill Racing 

63&64-Go Go Maxzilla 


Round of 32

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