2020 RLD Racing League Overall Series

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redlinederby Monday, 12/21/2020
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Congratulations, Voxxer Racing!

After 12 months of racing on tracks around the country, Voxxer Racing is the 2020 RLDRL Champion. He finished the series with 30 total race wins over the 12 months of the series. His speed creations might look a bit unorthodox but they're fast and they're winners.

Series podium

Congratulations to the other winners rounding out podium. The entries every month were incredible builds that lit up every track along the way.

  1. Voxxer Racing (30 pts)
  2. Mattman213 (24 pts)
  3. Red Pill Racing (20 pts)

The final standings are here, and you can see all the points per month in this spreadsheet.

I would like to thank everyone that helped in this series. First and foremost, every track host that helped this year, without your willingness to share your track and time, none of this would have happened. And to every person that entered cars. I hope you had fun building and watching your cars battle it out. This whole thing was a big undertaking that didn't go without some drama but we made it through thanks to everyone's efforts and hard work. 


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Mattman213 12/22/20

Congrats Jon and crew, consistently at the top of the list month in and month out.  Was fun chasing you, look forward to doing it again soon.

Thanks Redline for putting this on and everyone who hosted for doing so.  I hope to see something like this again soon and look forward to racing with all of yall down the road!


  • Nice work guys. Sad to see this series go. I would’ve loved a crack at this in 2021 — BlueLineRacing
  • I agree. I will miss it for sure. — Mattman213
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VoxxerRacing 12/22/20

Thank You ... Red Line Derby for an excellent, year long, racing series!!

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