RLDRL 2020 Point Standings

redlinederby Sunday, 12/6/2020
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Final points standings

Total points per racer, Jan-Dec

  • Voxxer Racing, 30pts (1st)
  • Mattman213, 24pts (2nd)
  • Red Pill Racing, 20pts (3rd)
  • Rivera Racing, 14pts (4th)
  • 9.81 Racing, 13pts (5th)
  • G Force Racing, 12pts
  • League of Speed, 9pts
  • Penguin, 9pts
  • Lady of Speed, 6pts
  • Bayou City Bandits, 5pts
  • Blueline Racing, 5pts
  • NDeavers, 4pts
  • Go Time Racing, 4pts
  • Ghostdriver, 4pts
  • MDG, 4pts
  • 41-14, 3pts
  • Space City Speed, 3pts
  • H Town Hustlers, 3pts
  • RLo Racing, 2pts
  • Peter Bee, 2pts
  • Secondhand Speed, 2pts
  • Go Go Maxzilla, 2pts
  • Uncle Elvis, 2pts
  • Kitt Racing, 2pts
  • Leafar12, 2pts
  • 72 Chevy C10, 1pts
  • North 271 Racing, 1pts
  • Scale Racing, 1pts
  • Dadvball, 1pts
  • Scale Racing, 1pt

Participants without points are not shown.

You can review the spreadsheet for a points per month here.

If there are any questions, feel free to PM. Thanks to Peter Bee, Mattman, and NDeavers for helping collect monthly points.


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Mattman213 12/6/20

Thanks for putting that together.  I thought I was closer to 4th or 5th and was gonna be happy with a top 5 performance over the year!  We will see how that shakes out after this last race.  Good luck everyone.


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Peter_Bee 12/6/20

Good job on compiling this. I feel like a kid at Christmas seeing my first RLDL Points! It's nice to see some members of the Class of 2020 represented also.

I hope this Series will continue next year. There are plenty of members who are willing to host- Redline Derby just needs to put the stamp of approval on it. #KeepTheTraditionAlive

Take care and see ya at the races!

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