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New team looking to get in!

Would like a spot please - am able to send 1 casting for each of the 5 races.

  • Yes, 1 casting for each spot, $5 for the entire team. — Big_Poppy
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Sam_Haul 3/5/24

Sending out my 5 today, hope whomever wins enjoys them, lol...

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UmiRiRacing 3/7/24

Umi Ri Racing will do two teams, please. Kai will love this! Thanks. 

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AJ_Grey 3/17/24

May I join?

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Numbskull 3/24/24

Count me in please.  I have everything on hand.

  • Great, regular shipping if you can get them out tomorrow. — Big_Poppy
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UmiRiRacing 3/26/24

Hi. My son is asking if any of these 4x4 style fantasy cars (mostly the matchbox ones) can be used or if they need to be the actual Jeep brand. Thanks! 

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Big_Poppy 3/26/24

Any jeep, except for the JEEPSTER. 

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