3D Bot Maker Finish Line incline

undercoverbuick Tuesday, 2/14/2017

Anyone using the 3D bot maker finish line and found a way not to have the track go up hill to the finish line?  With out using a planer I don't see how using nominal size lumber could make up the height difference?  


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redlinederby 2/15/17
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I've struggled a bit with this too. I've had the thought of cutting out a notch in my track base in which to inset the finish line. So rather than add stuff under the track, just lower the gate (I do this with the starting gate).

However, whenever this comes up I usually stare at it for a bit and then come to the conclusion that it's not really worth the effort to find a complicated solution. I usually just put some cardboard under the track so it's less droopy when a car rolls over it. Otherwise, I don't feel the issue has that much impact on the racing.

I know one person that races at my house every week really enjoys the idea of a slight incline at the finish.  It kinda changes the game as to what works and what wont.  I bought some foam window trim and put it under the track and its about 1/8 of an inch shy.  I have seen some videos on youtube of tracks that look like there is no uphill at the finish. 

I just used a Japanese backcut saw to notch out the shelf to allow clearance. Just leave a little extra clearance for the track to expand and contract.




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