3DBM Debuts 2021 Lanica

redlinederby Thursday, 6/18/2020
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There's always something to be said of people that get the attention of Mattel, and of course, our friend 3DBotMaker earned and deserves it. Hot Wheels sent him a new 2021 casting prototype of a Lancia. Should be awesome and I can't wait to see the livery they slap on it (plus it's a mainline). Should look awesome next to the Audi B Group car.

Bravo, 3DBM, and thanks for making it look so good (even without paint!) Watch here


Thumbs up for that one! 


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Chaos_Canyon 6/18/20

So cool that they are getting involved with the channel. 

  • Maybe one day they can toss us a bone :) — redlinederby
  • Do you think they want to add anything to the news section of the DSPN report? Lol — Chaos_Canyon
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