3DBotMaker update, product availability and plans

redlinederby Thursday, 8/22/2019
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We're big fans of 3DBotMaker products around here. The finish lines and starting gates spread through here like wild fire and as more products were released, the more we bought. They're all top quality and add a lot to the fun of racing. But recently it's been hard to get ahold of a few of the accessories. 

I got in touch with Adriel who runs 3DBotMaker to get the scoop on what's happening in his world and how that impacts the availability of the products we love.

TL;DR - Finish lines and timers aren't be produced at the moment and won't be for the near future. His focus right now is on the MagTrack system. Starting gates are still available.

The first thing to keep in mind is that Adriel is a one-man shop. You might think that 3D printing makes it easier, and that's true for some aspects, but it's still just him designing, making, selling, and supporting all the products. And on top of that, he's running a very successful YouTube Channel that keeps pumping out top notch racing videos. That's a lot for a team of folks, let alone one family man with lots of good ideas.

It all started out with simple orange track add-ons, then to finish lines and starting gates, to electronic timers, and most recently the MagTrack system. "Right now I’ve got a long waiting list for the MagTrack," Adriel told me, so that's where most of his effort is going currently.

He added that, "I know there’s a big of demand for the finish lines and timers, I get messages every week," but for now he has to shift his efforts so the finish lines and timers won't be available for the near future. 

However, he didn't rule out the possibility of some finish line alternatives. "I’m trying to think of a way of offering some sort of [finish line] kit, where I could supply the housing, and maybe even the components, and let people assemble it themselves," he mentioned, but that's still just an idea. There are no plans to offer kits at the moment, but if a kit is something you'd be interested in, please share that feedback.

Adriel and his 3DBotMaker accessories took many of our tracks from being a playset to being a race track, and for that, I know we all thank him. For better or worse, when business is good you sometimes have to make difficult choices. The orange track finish lines and timers might be hard to come by now, but top quality accessories and racing from 3DBotMaker is not.

See which products are available in the 3DBotMaker store.

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