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Hey Guys,

Ever since the Cops and Robbers race, I've been wanting to build a '41 Willys...Smitty had build a very cool one, and I wanted to do my own version!

Here is where I am starting out...

An original Neet Streeter '36 Ford and a current '41 Willys Coupe. The Willys had the wheels tucked in very narrow and that seldom makes for a fast racer, so the Neet S treeter will be donating it's chassis.

I came across this Willys I in an issue of Hot Rod Deluxe...

And it has a great doesn't have the 'nose bleed' high front end that most Gassers have, but it does still have a great 'classics drag car' look. 

I'm going to try to get a similar stance with my car

It's hard to imagine now, but Willys coupes were like the 'Fox body Mustang' of their day. They were a small car that came with a lousy engine that often blew their were lots of them around! Just ad some power, and you had a cheap race car!

Time to drill some rivets!

Bring it on!
Keep an eye on this build, it will evolve throughout the next week or so :)

Saw this rolling through The Cumberland Gap southbound into TN the other week. 

Thought you might like....

Looks like a '36 Ford...with a Big Block Chevy! :)
it looks like your Neet Streeter all growed up! lol
yup, 35 or 36 5 window... looks like an A grill shell... roll bar.... ready !

You can see how narrow the Willys chassis is...

And the Neet Streeter is metal also, so that helps make it a little heavier

yeah, I'm not a big fan of the tucked in wheels. it was hard building the Chevelle for my wife. That, and I picked some HUGE 5 spokes...
she liked the body, so I found a way for the '71. I prefer the '70 myself.
With Chevelle's, I like the '66 and '67's, myself...see my Smokey Chevelle build
I saw that. Nice Ride in black and gold!
I like the trunkless winshield to rear bumper swerp look myself.
IMO... if the body rubs the track edge, you lose, wide axle track rocks

Of course, this Neet Streeter body has a pretty cool patina... I might have to come up with chassis for it after the Willys is done!

save the grill for the '36
Yup, I have to cut the grill off the chassis to get it to fit right on the Willys

I did a '41 Willys body to Nomad base swap a while back... wide track, metal, right wheel base mmmmm....

Sounds like a plan...they do have a short wheelbase

Always be careful when drilling the rivets. I like to support the car in a vice...

One nice thing with many newer cars is that they often only have one rivet to drill!

All of the Willys parts...

I will be using all but the chassis...and I'll be modifying the blower :)

The Neet Streeter parts couldn't be more simple...

I will show you how I cut the grill off the chassis later tonight

As you can see, it isn't a bad fit as is...

The wheelbase is a little off and the grill is still on the Streeter chassis

Making the cut behind the grill on the Neet Streeter chassis. ..I used a cutoff wheel on the Dremel and carefully made an angled cut...

And the grill cut off, ready to be glued back onto the body...

hmmm. that 36 body is short, will morris wagon's base fit under it ?
I used the original chassis on another build...I really just like the NS chassis for this car because of the headers and ladder bars!
i mean for something to set the ford body on after the willys is done.

You can see here that the wheelbase on the Neet Streeter chassis is a little long...

I will mill grooves for axle tubes later today and I will adjust it then

After the mill work is done, the time consuming part begins...fitting the Neet S treeter chassis to the Willys body. You can see that I've already started marking the chassis where I will have to start grinding away....

My favorite bit for major material carnage... #117. Lol. ( wear your safety goggles and keep the lid on your favorite beverage when this beast is on!!)

One of my favorite Dremel bits as well! Rips right through stuff fast.

These Cut-off wheels are what I do most of my work with...,6505.html

They are fiberglass reinforced, so they don't fly apart like the dremel wheels do. They work nice for cutting and grinding

I like those for straight cuts, ( roofs etc.) "The Beast" is for major shaping, grinding before sanding. :-)

Milling the front axle groove...

And the rear...

You can see how much I had the shorten the wheelbase in the bottom pic

morris wagon may be TOO short... thanks for the pix

The chassis with the correct length wheelbase...

I'll have to temporarily 'tack in' the axle tubes to set the ride height, as I fit the chassis to the body

Progress on the chassis tonight...

The axle tubes are pressed in place and the 'running boards' are cut down

And the body is sitting pretty nicely on the frame...

I'll to mount the wheels and figure out how to get some weight in the car!

And, of course, I had to take a pic of the Willys being moved from the fab shop around to the engine shop...

Fun stuff!

I forgot to bring the car in today...I didn't get much done on it this weekend. But, I did start fitting a different blower on it. Cool stuff to come!

I took the tampos off of the Willys ( with acetone and a q-tip) and I have my wheel donor car here today...a Dodge Daytona with fte's...

So, this is car #3 in on this build...this isn't a 'cheap-n-easy' one...sometimes it take parts from several cars to make it work!

got that right, save your scraps... looking good C...
( my "Boom Box II" is up to 5 donors( 9 if you you count the 4 where the dremel got away from me)
2 of which were Star Trek $5 cars for the right real riders... lol)

Fte's mocked on...

I think the stance is about right...

Isn't that a nice little American "economy car" ?
Yup! That's what there were supposed to be!
Save now buy Willys and American Bantam...
Looking Good man!!
Please post the brand of acetone you use, what I'm using ain't cutting it!!
Please post the brand of acetone you use, what I'm using ain't cutting it!!

Looks like Darth Vader.

No, that's a different car! :)

Well, it's another lovely day, here in the, I decided to take the day off. And, of course, that means...'let's work on the project cars'!

It is 'off with the black paint' time...

Now, the original idea was to paint it either gray metalic or matte black...but, after seeing the bare metal I'm not sure!

Hopefully,  I will fit the lead and .mount the new blower stuff!

You can still see the glue at the base of the blower in this pic...

But, hopefully, I will be able to pop the blower back out, so I can paint the body. 

The blower is off one of my cast resin engines...and it is one that is cast with metalic powder in the resin. This was done to add weight (it about doubles the weight of the resin), but I discovered this morning that when sanded, it looks like brushed aluminum/magnesium...pretty cool! More on that later!

I smell a side business of printing engines for customs! ;)

Okay, now that the Neet Streeter chassis is fit to the Willys body and the Willys body has been modded to accept a different blower, I can take all the parts and weight them to determine how much lead I am going to need to get to 57 grams.

It is a little hard to see in this pic, but there is a block of lead on the scale with all the parts, coming in at 56 grams...

And here is a pic of the lead in the chassis, along with the rest of the parts...

I have a bag of 50 caliber lead shot...that weigh 18 grams...that I can hammer flat and, in this case, I had to trim a little off (with a hammer and chisel) to make weight.

i may try those .50's, been using triangular fishing weights hammered to shape.
I can send you some, Smitty...I have a bunch of them

Now that I stripped the black paint off, it's time to paint the!  :)

I really like this paint!

The body stripped and wiped down with paint thinner...

And painted...

Nothing is glued together, but it is looking cool...

So, it's back to the fab shop for final assembly...

Willys... you better believe he will !

I glued in the axles and weight last night with JB Quick Weld. And I used Locktite stick and seal (indoor) to glue in the windshield and the blower...

I just have to glue the interior in (to the top of the lead with stick as nd seal) and install the grill. I had forgotten about the grill...I need to cut it off the original chassis

i know the stick n' seal is slow, but how do you like it ?
it's not that slow. It works nice for non-stressed areas

All glued together and tested...

Is it faster than my Neet Streeter?

Nope! Quick though

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