'89 Mazda Savanna build

Deedose Saturday, 10/1/2022

This is the car i'm customizing :I'm planning to make it into a full blown rally diecast car , the most advanced I possibly can , without compromizing racing performance . I already swapped its stock white wheels for cooler , faster , McLaren black wheels . I'm now planning to add a 3d printed rear spoiler , here's what I came up with :The thing is , I'm not completely sold on the design yet . What do you think ? Any ideas of rally spoiler designs ?


  • That's a classic spoiler — Deedose
  • I don't really like those — Deedose
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dr_dodge 10/14/22

I have been thinking about sawing off the one on grease gremmlin
(I have 3,  2 of which in very poor condition)

  • Thanks for your response , but I've already finished my car . I had to hurry to send it to 3DBotMaker . — Deedose
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