Adding track builder parts and city sets

dustdriver Wednesday, 10/14/2020

One of my personal favorite track builder part sets is the Hot Wheels split track set. I plan to use it for more tracks with new layouts. I'm thinking of adding loops to the split track layout sometime. It's a really fun way to race up to 4 cars, starting in their own lanes, with a high chance that some cars will collide or crash during a race when they reach the split track segments. I've found ways to use Hot Wheels City sets such as Gator Garage with my tracks, that was a fun set to add to my tracks. I'm very happy that the new city sets connect to track, and some of them allow cars to race through them, at the risk of setting off a trap or activating a hazard. One thing I want to try, is too put a loop on each of the four lanes, then add the split track, and place a potential hazard along the single track segment. Most likely I will use the robot viper from the viper bridge set, or / and Gator Garage. Those two sets work very well with track. Has anyone else tried this? I know a lot of diecast race tracks are custom built and they are awesome. I still use the official Hot Wheels track parts most of the time. Someday I want to custom build a realistic track, but until then, I enjoy testing out track builder parts and city sets, often adding them to my tracks. Here is a photo of the split track used one of my newer videos. This one was just four lanes going into the single lane, but maybe next time there might be more additions to the track layout.

And a link to the race on the track.

Split Track Race


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SpyDude 11/9/20

Looking at some serious carnage there on the split tracks.  Not saying it's a BAD thing, however ... :)

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Chaos_Canyon 6/12/21

I love the idea of the track builder sets, but I'm really annoyed that they have built some of the pieces with the holes in the base, especially the corners. It's ridiculous because unless the car is going flat out, the wheels can easily get caught in the holes, which makes the whole system pointless for HW cars as they usually slow down into the corners. Even on the straights the cars can catch a wheel.

If they are doing it to save material/money I can understand that but why not make it so that a cars wheels can't get caught in it. Like, just make the holes/gaps narrower. It just seems like a massive design flaw to me and puts me off buying any more of them.

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