Adding weight, what do you use?

redlinederby Wednesday, 7/21/2010
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What do you use to add weight to your modded cars?

I've been packing rear spaces with clay and that seems to do a good job with minimal fuss. But it's probably not as weighty as some sort of metal. I haven't tried yet, but am guessing big hunk of JB Kwik would add some good weight...?


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Jobe 7/22/10

I've been using chunks of old car wheel weights...which are lead.
I also put 25 pennies in the back of a mail truck!

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SpocketFTE 11/17/10

Started with lead, that didn't go well with my two kids who wanted to play with my "fast" cars, so I moved to tungsten weights, but now I have tungsten putty. Big drawback is that Tungsten is A LOT more expensive than lead.

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