All Hail Santa Heavy Metal Meyhem

Monday, December 12th, 2022
Hosted by Blue Ribbon DieCast
GoldenOwl Thursday, 10/27/2022

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All Hail Santa! 
Heavy Metal Mayhem

Rules are simple.

-Casting must be Metal on Metal 
“metal body with metal base” 

-100g max weight absolutely no grace. You weigh in at 100.01 and your disqualified 

-Any casting as long as it’s metal on metal 

-Any wheels 

-Dry lube only

-No bearings wheels

-You can stretch 4” max, chop, channel, fill windows, hog wheel wells, and paint. ( Body mods and paint not required but encouraged ) Only modification restriction is it needs to fit on a standard hotwheels orange track.

-This will be race number 12 the final race for the DieCast Drag Racing 2022 points series

-Race will be run on the big track at 
Blue Ribbon Race Park 
Seamless Orange Track 
Track length: 20’1” 
Down hill: 5’ 
Run out: 15’ 

-Must include Race ID slip 

-All entries are due before December 12th. If your entry is not here by Monday December 12th we race without you.

-8$ return shipping if you want your car back. Cars without return shipping will be stripped for parts or put on display at “BRRP”

-Race will be held and cars returned at hosts convenience.

-Mail entries to: 
Blue Ribbon DieCast 
c/o Donavan Kinyon 
3691 Beckworth Drive 
Napa, Ca. 94558


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RLoRacing 10/28/22

*sigh* you know I'm in

  • Awesome! Stoked to have you again my friend — GoldenOwl
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Numbskull 10/28/22

This sounds fun.  Count me in please.

Cheers, Numbskull.

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CaShMoneyBoyS 10/28/22

Ca$h Money in

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Crazy_Canuck 10/28/22

I guess I'll have another build to add to the list...I'm in

  • Dude…I’ve totally forgotten about the other build I had all done for LYDC…so it’s actually now heading your way…I love it when a plan comes together ???? — Crazy_Canuck
  • Rad! — GoldenOwl

Awesome! I wouldn't miss the last drag race! Count me in please and thank you!

Thanks for hosting again Golden Owl!  You rock!

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PuffsRacing 10/28/22

I want in 

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Uncle_Elvis 10/28/22

I need my 12th participation point!

Put me in

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Foursix 10/28/22

I'll take a spot if allowed, kinda late for me in a points series haha...


Foursix Diecast Racing 

Ok I want take part in this race! 

Sounds like a good race.  I'm not in the points series, but can I still get a spot?  Thanks.

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RustyWheeler 11/1/22

Rusty's in! I was born for this! Legit! The cars due on 12/12 the 12th race! I was born on 12/12 I gotta try to at least get top 12! 

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dr_dodge 11/1/22

newb question

in cast on cast, does the lower have to be from the same car?

I have two cars in work that are cast bodies, and a different cast bottom.

Is that a legal car?



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