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Alternative track materials

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Well my track it's made out of slot tracks, just because I'm on quarantine and I can't get choroplast right now. I've thoug of using electrical trunking like referred above but it lacks the turns. Aluminium trunking could also do the trick but I think it will damage much more the cars than plastic. The orange track it's cool but doesn't allow contact between the cars, and if not correctly mounted one track will always be shorter or longer than the other imo.

Still think that choroplast it's the best solution for those that can't buy or get Sizzlers fat tracks etc in Their own countries like myself.

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redlinederby 6/25/20
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So cardboard isn't a discovery but I recently re-floored my basement and the boxes the planks came it seem nearly perfect to use as a wide banger track. It even has walls already there and ready! So if you know anyone that is redoing floors, maybe ask them to save a few of the boxes...might save you some cutting and folding, if nothing else.

  • Ohhhh...didn't 442 hold a Mad Max race on a Banger track??? — LeagueofSpeed
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SpyDude 11/7/20

Silly question, but how many people have tried using vinyl rain gutters for their builds? Split it all the way down either side, looks like you could run two cars wide in there ........ or split it the other way and have single-track drag lanes, ready for orange track to be laid down.

  • I've seen stuff like that before. The vinyl gutter things and even aluminum. — redlinederby
  • Saw the aluminum runs .... looked pretty trick. I think those as a drag strip with orange track laid down in them would be great. No idea of where to get that much channel, though. — SpyDude

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