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1Jungle_Falls Thursday, 6/6/2024

Hello, I'm not a car builder. I am however a track builder. I run Jungle Falls Raceway.  

My question to all is...                                 How can I help you guys(builders) make the best car for my track?? Would a video of track be enough? Would you need to see some example cars going down track? Since I'm not a car builder I don't know what goes into the process for you.  I just want to see best races possible.  Jungle Falls Raceway is a long track.  A total of 112 feet to be exact. Lot of turns with some really nice straights for good action. 

Open to all suggestions and comments.  Thanks for your time.           Jason


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Kingjester 6/6/24

Perhaps certain measurements like Track width and Hill grades would help use gauge what cars would be best suited for your track. By the way great way to kick off your track with the Vw beetle tournament 

  • Thanks. — 1Jungle_Falls
  • I agree detailed of the track would be good, showcase the track, and show wipeout spots — dr_dodge
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AbbyNormal 6/6/24

Here is a crazy idea I had a few weeks back - As a car builder I have a small test track to test my cars and modifications. But I have no idea how a fast car on my track translates to a good time result on a big track. Maybe you could offer a "Test Track Serice"  where I could send you a car that does well on my track Once I think I have an 'interesting car' I arrange a test run with you and for a fee+return postage I send out my car and you do 3 or 5 runs and send me the timings perhaps overlayed on a orange thru green / slow thu fast background. Your fee menu could include video of the run etc. 

Thanks again for hosting a race looking forward to running something besides a Bug on your track.

  • interesting idea, I sent 2 funny cars to flip w/ extra cash to grudge match myself and wife, maybe "rent track time" grudge racing? — dr_dodge
  • I like the idea if Friday Night Grudge Matches — AbbyNormal

As far as track schematics..  No clue. Other than distance and starting height. This was all trial and error until it was close to no errors. I will try to take some measurements and put together a video.   

Before I post next event I will have sample races, with actual model cars in video. Weights of cars etc... 

Love what all you guys come up with on the builds. Trying to find a way to help us both benefit is my goal. Makes better Racing for all.. 

It might be helpful to tell us what cars and weights you tested with while building. It also appears that 60 gram max weight class is the most often used in open track racing. If you use that as a basis for testing, most folks will be ready. Also, you could just request folks send in a few of their already built racers for testing and maybe share shipping or make other arrangements as to holding cars for testing then have a race to run only the test cars, for fun and braging rights... 

You have an interesting and challenging track, lots of folks here support you and appreciate the effort and are willing to help if asked!

  • I have some builders cars on hand. Not Beetles. — 1Jungle_Falls

Maybe you could reach out to some builders on here, perhaps some who were in the Beetle Bonanza, and ask for a few test cars at various weights and see how they do. I bet 60 - 70 gram cars that ride at a standard to low height ( Mustangs, Govn'rs, Chevy and Tbird stockers..etc) would handle the track well and probably be very quick. 

Despite not being a builder, I think if you purchased a few heavier cars like from the Hot Wheels Nascar Pro series that are usually 40 - 50 grams, you could get good results from them.

Best of luck!

  • I have some resident builders cars at Jungle Falls. I will race them with weight totals — 1Jungle_Falls
  • do front to rear % please — dr_dodge

For our Outlaws comp, we did a driver call video and talked about some key elements you may need, including a simple test track you could make at home so if your car couldn't make that, it wouldn't work on the track. 

Mark at Gravity Throttle did some excellent videos on how to build vehicles to perform on his track, so check those out. Especially as his track is more offroad, he goes into detail on ride height, bumper heights, weight distribution etc. It can really help builders dial their rides in.

  • you and Mark have set a nice new standard — dr_dodge
  • thanks for what ya do! — dr_dodge

Thanks for everyone's feedback. Looks like I got some work to do. Think I will pick out cars I currently have from some resident teams currently at Jungle Falls already. Weigh them,  race them on video and hopefully give some builders an idea of what Jungle Falls Raceway is all about. 

A Lil clue to what's upcoming. 

  • Good Ole Chevy Race.. Looks like some fast cars heading to you.. from the guys — Desert_Rat_Racing
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