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Are El Caminos Trucks, or Muscle cars?

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Part car that can't haul passengers.  Part truck that can't tow diddly.  In Australia and New Zealand a vehicle built on a passenger car chassis with the cargo bed integral to the body is a "ute" or "coupe utility". On Archer it was referred to as a "automotive hermaphrodite".

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AbbyNormal 6/21/24

My first car, and my car through high school, was a '64 Ford Ranchero. First of all it had a huge comfy seat so plenty of room. And it could carry my dirt bike as needed. So I have a soft spot for these half truck half car vehicles. It's final sale is lost in my memories but I recall after high school graduation getting ahold of a case of beer and arriving at the local drive in on a Saturday night with the case chilled in a cooler in back. Word spread quickly and beers were had. I believe it was a James Bond movie.

I should add it was a very small Nevada town - more cattle than people

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Crazy_Canuck 6/21/24

Call it whatever you's one of the coolest things ever designed IMO...and it would technically fit the criteria for both races if you wanted to make a case for it

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SpyDude 6/21/24

Answer: Yes.

But it all depends on if the race host will allow it or not.

We should probably make an all-Ute / El Camino / Ranchero style race sometime.9

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