Are El Caminos Trucks, or Muscle cars?

LottaSpeedRacing Thursday, 1/18/2024

Now, if you want to enter an El Camino in a truck race, they may deny it because they consider it as a 'Muscle Car,' and if you try to enter it as a muscle car, they may deny it because they consider it a 'Truck.' You decide.

To be fair though, on the certificate and manual, it IS registered as a TRUCK.

Please put down your opinions on the matter.


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FredD 1/18/24

Coupe, Utility but the only real opinion that matters is what the host decides!

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Kingjester 1/18/24

Now if you wanna get fancy it is officially classed as a "Coupe utility Muscle car" Cheverolet themselves class it as a muscle car so I consider it a muscle car.

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Fat_Dad 1/18/24


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JBlotner42 1/18/24

Its a muscle truck.

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dr_dodge 1/19/24

its a chevell chassis under the el camino body,
(and they are terrible as a truck, coils springs on the

so, car


Putting my Aussie hat on..

It's a ute !


My opinion, it was designed as Light weight Truck with a car ride I think it should go either way if you wanna run it in a truck race run it muscle car race run it The best builders gonna come to the top, and that's my opinion

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dr_dodge 1/20/24

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GBURacing 2/7/24

I consider it a Muscle Car, and you have the Camaro SS, Chevelle SS and El Camino SS. Also, produced by HW in the Muscle Mania series

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