Customizing and TuningAxel Polish and Dry Lube

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Continuing my education, after the axel is polished can the dry lube then be applied or is there a waiting period or is it a one or the other type deal? Thanks in advance for the imparting of knowledge.

I do not wait, once they are polished, I graphite them.

Bunch of build tips in here

Oh yeah, I checked that out....good info for sure. I love Hot Wheels and I love to tinker, so this is going to be enjoyable for sure. I'm pretty much a purist and love the hunt for a fast stock/mainline car, after so many years it was time to branch out and drill some rivets. Also, I have bins of cars to tinker with due to how I race, needless to say I have some vicious fast stock cars after years of culling out the slow cars....constant field of 216 with the 6 lane race way....36 heats produce 36 winners/36 heat winners make 6 knock out races of 6 cars per  knock out race, which  produces a 6 car final. That is a League of Speed Rally...field of 216 is culled every 5 rallies....lot's of cars to tinker with in the search for Speed!!!! Thanks for the info!!!  

I used to run a mainline stock fantasy league so there are a ton of stats for various stock cars.

Tracking ended around 2014 so there aren't any newer cars in the database, but it's probably a good resource if you're looking for some good, fast stock cars. Not only will they be fast out of the blister, they should be good solid foundation for any custom racers.

Can't wait to see what you put together.

Speaking of when is the fantasy league returning? Ever?

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