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When: Saturday, August 19, 2017

As August comes to a close so does summer and you know what that means...back to school.  Our feature race for August is our Back to School race.  The theme of this race is buses.  Your entry for this race needs to be a bus.  School buses, city buses, double decker buses are all ok.  No VW buses or drag buses though.  The main color of the buses must be yellow.  Either painted or stock. You can add flames, racing stripes, etc. You can also customize them for looks - big engines, spoilers, etc.  Make these things look good!

Buses will race on a straight downhill gravity track. It will be the shelf track used for Hot Wheels Pick'em.

Weight : 100 grams or under.
Length: must be 4 inches or less
Height: must be 2 inches or less
Width: must fit on Hot Wheels orange track. (However, they will be racing on a Dragtracks track which is just a touch wider, but if something goes wrong, orange track is my back-up)
Dry lubes only

Racers may enter up to 2 buses. There will be a $1 entrance fee per car.  If you are a member of the Diecast 64 club the entrance fee will be waived for yourself, friends, and family, for up to 6 cars.

Races will be videoed and posted online.

Cars due August 19th, 2017.  Racing will start the following week. Results and video will be posted the following Saturday, August 26th.

This race is part of the 2017 Diecast 64 points series.

Mail-in cars should be sent with return postage if the racer wants them back.  Mail-in cars should also be accompanied with an entry form.

Mail cars to

Robby C
P.O. Box 156
Washington, Utah

Cool. A bus race has been on my list for a while. Hoping I can send one in.

Does it absolutely...positively have to be yellow???

Anything decided on wheels & axles?

No restrictions on wheels and axles. 

I thought about the yellow thing and decided to stick with it as it plays into the back to school theme. At least for the main color, but if you want to do stripes, flames, fades, graphics etc. on top of the yellow that kind of stuff would be cool.

I'm asking for a waiver on this bus, it's the only one I own....and it's called The Surf'in School Bus...and the paint is to cool to with building Bootleg Run I need all the breaks I can get and still race as well.

Maybe just slap a "Jefferson High School" sticker on the sides and a picture of Richie Cunningham in one of the windows and you should be in
the clear
YELLOW TAPE/STICKERS.... Ha-ha. Provided it won't peel the paint or leave sticky stuff, if you're concerned about that.
You could even write stuff on it that way, though I wouldn't use anything that could sink through to the paint.

Yeah, I might put a yellow racing stripe down the roof...out of tape. I want to modify it, but love the paint job.

How can I do dry lubes on a bus?

same way you do any car

The heck with it...I'll strip it.

The Hot Wheels High bus is part of the mainline collection this year and is on the shelfs right now. It should be easily accessible for anybody looking for a bus to mod. I picked up a few last week at Walmart.

have not seen it...nor the ccm...tough in my parts
Rats! Was hoping this would be an easy one for everybody to join in on.

This crew got their buses painted yellow yesterday! How are your buses coming?

Going to drill the rivets soon and strip the paint thereafter, I've only got 1 to mod but will be sending in the rest of my cars with it as well.

Getting ready to strip the paint and modify this beast!!!

55g stock...I'll getter close to 100g

 No need to customize it. just need some dry lubes. I'm going to call it the Safety School Bus.

One of Two things are gonna happen...I'm taking everyone to school...or I'm gonna get taken to school

Haha! Nice use of the "school" reference. By the way, that blue and yellow looks sweet together!
Thanks..even the Lady of Speed gave me a compliment on the build.

Who doesn't love woodgrain? I need some dry lubes for this one.

Very nice

The package said it was for the adult collector ... I guess it got into the hands of the wrong person. Tracksurgeon would be proud--though I consider the bus's load to be short-range, high-damage artillery rather than magic carpets. The Artillery Bus should be arriving Saturday ... hopefully it doesn't weigh too much, in which case I'll just ask CCRider to remove the cannon and I'll hope the graphite (this being the second time I've ever used it) will be enough for the job.

Ha!!! I thought it was the Surgeon at first!!

Some great looking buses arrived. Racing got under way last night. Should finish up tonight and then have video from the bus race as well as the other August races ready and posted on Saturday. 

Looking forward to it

Here are the video results for the Back to School race.  Thanks to all who sent cars in! The rest of the August racing results can be found here.


Ha....I'll take a Top 10 finish with that sled....Thanks for Running them CCR!!!

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