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Beast Wars - Tail of the Dragon (Postponed)

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LionHawkRacing 12/21/20

I just ran a stock Hot Rods vs Beasts race back in October. There were some real contenders in there. Maybe I can grab three good ones and add a bit of paint to them, graphite up the axels, and send them your way.

  • There's a good chance this race won't happen at all. The host hasn't run any tournaments since July and has seemingly dropped out of the hobby most of this year. Wait until the Spring before you send anything in. — redlinederby
  • Well, that's a shame. On the up-side there are always other races going on, right? :) — LionHawkRacing
  • That doesn’t stop you from hosting your own Street Beasts competition, though, which might be the better option at this point. — SpyDude

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