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Beetle Bonanza

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Fat_Dad 3/29/24

May I join? 

Count us in for two entries! Thanks!

Is it to late to toss a bug into this race... I would be in for one .. Thanks

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Ghoul_City 4/5/24

Ghoul City would like to submit 2 entries 

Billy's Midway Racing would like to send 2 entires if there's still space. One for me and one for a friend.

2 enroute!

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BD_Racing 4/9/24

I woul like in if there is still room.

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41-14 4/11/24

  • Two shipping out tomorrow. — 41-14
  • These races are going to look like a box of Gobstoppers spilled on the track. I've wanted to paint up a group of Beetles in candy colors and pose them with a big box of Gobstoppers. :-) — Billys_Midway_Racing

Herbie is ready to ride again!

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RaginRicky 4/15/24

These little buggers are ready to trade some paint. Shipped out Friday 

New member, how's it going everyone.? Do we have room for two more?

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