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Beetle Bonanza

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Looking forward to getting more Beetles everyday. Thanks to everyone who is participating.  I will do my best to keep everyone updated on how your cars did. Please be patient, I'm a 1 man crew and will be as professional as I can be. 

Most likely going to run races random. No qualifying runs. Brackets will be set up as cars come in. Doesn't get much more random. If you have 2 cars Racing I'm going to try and keep them in separate brackets for first round. After 1st round it's out of my control.  

I'm a grown man so constructive criticism is welcome. Suggestions will be read. At the end of day I'm doing this because I love watching the races, and seeing all those custom cars. None of us are getting paid, so let's keep it fun and enjoy the races.  

Thanks to everyone who is participating.     And thanks for all the track love. Good luck to everyone.  

                             Jason. (Justalilprick)

  • you can do it! — dr_dodge
  • Good luck brother! Don't stress over it! If you are not having fun then make some changes for next time! Personally, I like the random run them as they come... but I can see where others may not. Either way, you are the host and we appreciate your efforts! — Stoopid_Fish_Racing
  • I just mailed mine with some stickers for you today — RLoRacing
  • You got this! — Dutch_Clutch_Racing

Herbie and Lady Bug are about to hit the road. I was going to leave the Lady Bug as it was but it just needed a number and other racing decals. I touched up the 50 year old chipped paint and tuned it up a little but didn't pull the axles off for polishing; Lady Bug was keeping up with Herbie and my other fast cars with just a little graphite and added weight. They each weigh 54 grams and are completely stock except for weight, paint and decals. Good luck to everyone entering the race.

  • Looks great! — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • love the lady bug — dr_dodge
  • Thank you. I'm still surprised at how good the condition of the Lady Bug was when I pulled it out of my box of old cars. I felt a little bad about putting decals on it but it rolls so well, It had to represent the classic Lesney Matchbox brand. Herbie is a newer Matchbox casting and is much more accurate to the details but the Lady Bug just looks too cool to ignore. — Billys_Midway_Racing

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