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here are a couple pix of trucks I liked [Model A] ... note the town on the door... let me know what you like for trucks, took 50 pictures.... don't want to post them all...

go c10 go !.... 1930 Ford a 1 tonner

firetruck's rear panel ... notice they ran over the hose and cut it ;

A caliopy ? ... played music [loudly] from a paper roll with the small cutouts in it...

horns, drums, symbols and an accordion type thing ;

the que cards

Cool Stuff! we'll like whatever you wanna post. At your leisure my friend!!

this baby used books that would flop side to side so it could play the music 1 page / card at a time...

I like that C-Cab Mack...and the '30 1 ton! War is the two tone pick up, Smitty?
dodge brothers...'35.. '33/4 had suicide doors...

Happen to see any "Diamond T" trucks? I like the Diamond T stuff. Beautiful grillwork on those babies.

mack, wentworth, stewart, buffello springfield, american lefrance... all i remember. ,
yeah D-T's are pretty rare.

Snapped this lucky shot doing 50 just blindly holding up the camera as I passed.

Never was able to stop, and it has since been moved elsewhere.  Bummer.

Just an old day cab, but MAN!! 

It is the truck the "Custom Convoy" is based off.

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