Big Block 500???

Variation-Jason Saturday, 4/9/2011

Man, I had that one all wrong. I managed a measly 45 points, but seeing as how only two people cracked 100.... I don't feel so bad. LMAO

Lets not do that again any time soon.


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JDC442 4/9/11

Most of us did poorly on that one. Somebody knew something we didn't. Newman!

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Jobe 4/9/11

damn! oh well, that was a blowout!

Holding onto my second place by a thread!

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redlinederby 4/10/11
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The T/A really surprised me and part of me thought something was awry, like I had used a different car or something but when I looked back it turns out the T/A had barely been raced before. It was just sitting there quietly on The Lot waiting to be raced. The last time it had raced was the first season when we were still managing garages.

Really makes me wonder what other cars that are out there with only a few races under their belts but are really good racers. I think we're all (myself included) seeing these 1184 and 0-2 cars and thinking they're not good when that might not be the truth. It's very interesting to think about and analyze.

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JDC442 4/11/11

The winning T/A was 2-1 before the Big Block tournament, all 3 races from season 1. It's best win was against a 1168 rating car and it's loss was against a 1167 rating car. Why anyone would pick it to win the tourney is a mystery to me. I guess it goes to show that you can't always hold a car's past against it.

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redlinederby 4/11/11
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While the rating calculations and data haven't changed at all since Season 1, I'd take any data you have from that first season with a grain of salt. That season while new and fun was still the first season and full of growing pains, setting up standards, figuring out the track and everything. Especially on a car that raced so little in that season.

Until there are probably 5 or more races on a car I don't bank a lot on the ratings. Yes, 3 races gives you enough to declare one is better than the other but that's still not enough if you ask me. Especially now that we've moved back to a best 2 out of 3 with lane swapping, you need more data to make any solid conclusions.

I'm guessing there are a lot of 1 and 2-loss cars that are sitting at the bottom of the lists that are good racers but they just get overlooked. But that's why we retire cars too... Eventually we'll find out where they all sit.

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